Mrs. Stahlheber's Third Grade Class
Corona Ranch Elementary School
Corona, California
The Chocolate Touch

After reading The Chocolate Touch, students wrote their own Chocolate Touch stories. While at the computer lab, students typed their stories using Microsoft Word and drew pictures to go with their stories, using Paint. After the stories were typed, I printed two copies. One with their names and one with names removed and a random number given instead. The copies with numbers were used for a class Read Around. All table groups read the stories, except those from their own table, and discussed what they liked about each of the stories. The favorite story in each group was recorded on the Read Around Form.

After the Read Around, each group told me their favorite story and the reason why it was the best. I recorded the responses on the following matrix.


Dante's story was #55, was chosen as the best. All the students were very excited, once they found out their numbers, to see their numbers on the matrix. Here's Dante's story.

The Chocolate Touch
By Dante

One day there was a boy named Dante. He loved chocolate. He barely ate any of his meals. The next day he went around the block and found a chocolate factory. He went inside the factory. He found all kinds of chocolates. He bought a long box of chocolates. We went up to the store keeper and said, "I'll buy this box." He ran home, closed the door, threw off the covers, and took out a chocolate. He was sad because he only got one piece, but he still ate it. When it was night he went to bed. The next morning he woke up and brushed his teeth. He put the toothbrush in his mouth and it immediately turned to chocolate. He went downstairs for breakfast. He drank his milk and it immediately turned to chocolate. His eggs turned to chocolate too. At school, he took out his sandwich and took a bite. It immediately turned to chocolate. His throat was so dry that he went to get a cold drink of water. He took a drink and it immediately turned to chocolate. He tried another drinking fountain, but the water turned to chocolate. When the bell rang, he ran around the block and the chocolate factory was gone. It had a sign that said, "For Sale". He went home crying. His mother asked what was wrong. He kissed his mother and she immediately turned to chocolate. He ran out of the house and around the block. The factory was there. He ran inside and said to the store keeper, "I want my Mom back!" "Calm down," said the store keeper. "Go home and it will be fine," he told the boy. Dante ran out the door without saying thank you. He opened up the front door and his Mom was there. He asked his Mom if he could go outside for a minute. He went around the block and there was a different sign that said, "Sold".

Here's David's Paint artwork

Here's Stephanie's Paint artwork

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