Mrs. Sulima's Fourth Grade Class
Prairieview Elementary
Downers Grove, Illinois
Hershey’s Milk Chocolate – Weights and Measures

Hershey’s Milk Chocolate – Weights and Measures by Jerry Pallotta


1. The children were asked to brainstorm all the chocolate candy bars they could. YES, their mouths were watering after this activity.

2. Then the children voted to find the top 6 candy bars. Our class results were: Butterfinger, Crunch, Kit Kat, Reese’s, Snickers, and 3 Musketeers.

3. The children were then asked to survey their families on their favorites from our list of 6.


4. When they returned back to school with their survey results, we filled out a tally chart.

5. Then we used the results of our tally chart to make “Favorite Candy Bar” bar graphs.

6. Snickers was our class favorite! Once we knew this information…our next questions was which candy bar (of the top 6) is the most nutritious. The children used the information from the back of the candy bar wrappers to answer the following questions. Of course, the students were able to share the candy bars after they finished this activity.

7. Yes…some candy bars are better for you than others. When we were finished with this activity, we took a break and actually made our own Twix Bars. They were delicious. Here is the recipe:

8. Now, of course, I couldn’t finish there. Finally, the children were asked to solve this problem.

9. We discussed this issue first. Then each child was given a tube of mini M&Ms to complete their final chocolate activity.

10. One of my students had a theory about this last problem. She said, if she were in charge, she would tell these customers it shouldn’t matter how many of each color…since no matter what color you eat, they all taste the same. INTERESTING!!!

We had a wonderfully tasty time with Chocolate Stories!

©  Susan Silverman and Marci McGowan 2005