Ms. Vitello's Second Grade Class
Terryville Elementary School
Port Jefferson Station, New York

Our class began by reading Chocolatina, by Erik Kraft. After reading the book, we decided to create our own fictional tale, loosely based upon Chocolatina. Over a period of two weeks we brainstormed ideas of what could happen in the beginning, middle and end of our version, titled Ms. Vitello’s Chocolate Trick.
Daily, I would re-read our story (with its latest developments). Then, the class would brainstorm ideas for what could happen next.
Students then worked in pairs to illustrate our story using KidPix4.
Here are the first six pages of Ms. Vitello’s Chocolate Trick. We hope you enjoy our delicious story!
The names of my 21 students appear in NO particular order.



©  Susan Silverman and Marci McGowan 2005