Mrs. Yarbrough's Second Grade Class
Carver Magnet Elementary
Little Rock, Arkansas
Assorted Books

Our second grade class started our Chocolate study by graphing our favorite chocolates. After eating the chocolate, each student glued the wrapper on chart paper to create a graph. We then used Max Count to create a graph. This is a new program to us and right now we only have the trial version. We were unable to get it to look the way we want but the data is correct.

I read two books to the class, The Chocolate Touch and Chocolate Fever. After reading the stories, the students were asked to compare the stories. We created hand drawn Venn diagrams and then struggled to create one using Kidspiration.

We also used the internet to view videos on how chocolate is made. We used this information to create a flow chart using Kidspiration.

Click HERE to download the Kidspiration 2.0 file

The students enjoyed the activities. We learned about the computer programs together. We made mistakes, got frustrated, lost data and much more interesting learning situations. Through this we are a more technological savvy classroom with much more to learn.

  Susan Silverman and Marci McGowan 2005