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"Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters" Quiz - designed by Mrs. Silverman
After reading Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters try this Reading Comprehension Quiz to see what you remember from the story!
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"Cinderella's Slipper Match-Up" Concentration Game - designed by Mrs. Knox
Flip over the cards in this interactive version of the classic Memory game to find matching pairs and discover the hidden picture. The American Cinderella wore a glass slipper...this games shows many different kinds of shoes, slippers, boots, and clogs people wear around the world!
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Story in a Box - get the inside scoop on Cinderella's story. Read through her journal and find out what she really thinks about the prince, dress her up, and make some furniture on this fun storybook site
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"Rough Face Girl" Crossword - You won't need a pencil to solve this interactive crossword puzzle designed by Mrs. Silverman! The puzzle uses vocabulary words from The Rough Face Girl.
"The Korean Cinderella" - Find the Magic Frogs - designed by Mrs. Knox
In the book, Pear Blossom was suprised by a magic frog who helped her plug the hole in the water jug. In this "Hidden Picture" activity you will help Pear Blossom find the 7 magic frogs that are hiding in the forest!
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"The Talking Eggs Jigsaw Puzzle" - Here is puzzle from the story "The Talking Eggs" by Robert D. San Souci. The drawings were from Mrs. Reilly's third grade students during the 2000-2001 school year. Puzzle designed by Mrs. Silverman.
"The Talking Eggs Jigsaw Puzzle #2" - Race the timer with another puzzle from drawings by Mrs. Reilly's third grade students. Puzzle designed by Mrs. Silverman.
"The Talking Eggs" Cloze Activity - Fill in the gaps in this fun activity from Mrs. Silverman!
"The Egyptian Cinderella" Jigsaw Puzzle - Try your hand at this interactive jigsaw puzzle. The beautiful artwork is courtesy of Rebecca Silverman, Mrs.Silverman's niece.
"Murfaro's Beautiful Daughters" Jigsaw Puzzle - Another masterpiece from the talented young Rebecca Silverman!
The Golden Sandal Activities - Matching, Concentration, Flash Cards and Word Search activities for this Middle Eastern tale from Mrs. Debra Rastin.

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