Carolynn Bruton
Springfield Convent Junior School
Wynberg, Cape Town, South Africa
Grade 3S & 3P girls
The Blue Fish


The Springfield girls read the story of the "Blue Fish", published in a poster of the June, 2001 edition of Scholastic's Junior Education and based on a traditional tale from Lesotho, South Africa. We wanted to use an African Cinderella story and found that the "Junior education" issue of June, 2001(ISSN 0309-398406), Scholastic had a feature article and an A3 poster on a powerful and poignant story called "The Blue Fish" - a traditional tale retold by Hugh Lupton. The girls only realized near the end that it had similarities to the Cinderella story they already knew so well!

We used "Inspiration", Storybook Weaver, MS Word and PowerPoint to write our versions of the African Cinderella story, the "Blue Fish."

Please visit our Cinderella web site to see a Power Point presentation, more photos, poetry, and graphic organizers.



Our Cinderella Play



Venn Diagram







South African Curriculum and Assessment Standards

(based on the National Policy on Whole School Education evaluation)

Performance ratings covered

The overall performance was rated using the following scale:

5 ® Outstanding
4 ® Good
3 ® Acceptable
2 ® Needs improvement
1 ® Needs urgent support

This project covered some the following developmental standards:

"Extracurricular activities activities, such as trips, visits, school contests, cultural, artistic, sportive and technical scientific activities that are outside the school’s normal timetable " provided by the school for learners.