Betty Burrell
Dahlgren School
Dahlgren, Virginia
Grade 1
Cinderella Penguin


Our class read Cinderella Penguin or, The Little Glass Flipper,by Janet Perlman.  This story is very much like the traditional Cinderella, but the setting is the South Pole. (We learned that most penguins live there.)  Since our school was going to be studying “Frozen Worlds” this year, we thought this story would be perfect.

We discovered:

Terrance: A mother Emperor Penguin lays one egg, then she goes out to sea.

Ryan:  Sometimes penguins are attacked by Leopard seals.

Shafar:  Some penguins have pink “droppings” because they eat krill.

Britteny: Skuas are birds that can eat penguin eggs.

Mariah:  Adelie penguins lay two eggs.

Joseph:    There are seventeen different kinds of penguins.

Tristan:  Baby penguins whistle when they want to find their mother or father.

Zachery:  A penguin has fat and feathers to keep it warm.

James:  A penguin lives in a group called a rookery.

Annie:  Mother penguins spit food into their babies’ mouths.

Andrew:   Penguins eat krill, fish, and squid.

Brylen:  An Emperor penguin is about 4 feet tall.

Zoe:  In Antarctica, it is dark in the daytime and in the night time.

Kali:  The father penguin takes care of the egg for two months.  If the daddy penguin does not keep the egg warm, it will die.

Seth:  When we have summer in North America, it is winter in Antarctica.

Lyndsay:  Sometimes penguins slide on their tummies.

In addition to reading numerous versions of Cinderella, we read books about penguins and about Antarctica to learn all that we could. 

We also learned about Arctic animals.  We made a Venn Diagram in Kid Pix comparing animals of the North Pole to animals of the South Pole.

We decided that it would be fun to write the Cinderella story again, but this time the setting would be the North Pole instead of the South Pole.  Here are illustrations that show what some of our characters would look like.

 My new story will be Cinderella Snowshoe Rabbit. The Fairy Godmother is a Snowshoe Rabbit too.


My Cinderella is Cinderella Snowy Owl. This is a picture of her with her mean stepmother and two bad sisters.


This is Cinderella Snowshoe and the Fairy Snowshoe Rabbit.


My story is about Cinderella Reindeer. The Fairy Godmother is a snowy owl



DoDea Language Arts/Reading standards addressed in this assignment:

Listening, Speaking, and Viewing- Students will:

·        Listen attentively and respond to stories, poems, and directions

Literature- Students will:

·        Interpret plays, poems, and stories through discussion or some form of art

·        Read/Listen for enjoyment to foster an internal motivation for lifelong reading

Accessing and Processing information- Students will:

·        Use higher order thinking skills