Islip Terrace, New York
Grade 4
The Rough Faced Girl


Our class read the story "The Rough-Faced Girl" by Rafe Martin and David Shannon. This is a story about a girl and her two jealous and mean sisters. It is similar to the various "Cinderella" stories that we have grown up with and loved as children. Rough-Faced Girl is the Native American version of this story. In the story, the Rough-faced Girl has two sisters who treat her as though she was their servant. They are cruel to her and treat her badly. In contrast to the American version of the story, the handsome person that every girl wants to marry isn't a prince, but is an Invisible Being. This "Invisible Being" is not a person but a representation of nature, something Native Americans hold very sacred. Eventually the Rough-Faced Girl falls in love, marries the Invisible Being, and becomes very beautiful.

Our class worked together to do activities which had the children create their own stories, changing an ending, writing a poem, or creating a graphic organizer. In the process our class illustrated pictures, blended parts of our individual stories, voted on selections and worked cooperatively. In addition, the illustrations not voted on for publication were hung in our classroom so that everyone's artwork could be displayed and admired.

The students had an enjoyable time working together, and are very excited to see their writing and artwork published.

The Rough-Face Girl (a changed ending)

So the rough-faced girl was on her way to answer the questions of the invisible beings sister. When she got there she said, " I have come to answer the questions." The sisters said, "All right. What is the bow made of?" "The bow is made of wood and animal skin." Said the rough-faced girl. " No! That is wrong. What is the belt made of? The belt is made of vines and shells. No that is wrong. What is the sled made of?" Asked the sisters. "It is made of tree trunks and animal bones." Answered the rough-faced girl. "No, that is wrong." Said the sister. The sister was confused she could not under stand why she got the questions wrong. She knew that she had a good heart. "There is the invisible being. I found her." Said the rough-faced girl. " She is not lying she really can see the invisible being." Said the sister. So they made a promise that they would be good sisters forever. She could only see her. The rough-faced girl got a special wish from the invisible being. She got beautiful skin and her hair was soft but she had made a wonderful friend with the invisible being.
By Cassandra E., Michael R., Nicholas M., Andrew S. & Victoria B.  

The Rough Face Girl

There was a rough face girl
 She was a very ugly girl
She fed the flames for her two sisters
She wanted to marry the invisible man
 She stood brave and went to the tent
She proved she saw the invisible man
Then she got married to the invisible man and
 They lived happily ever after

By Brian E., Erik B., Katie K., & Matt F. 


Cinderella is so pretty
Seeing her like this is a pity
 She's the nices ever yet
 The nicest person you ever met

By Chelsea C., Katelyn K., Christopher B. & Lauren D.  

The Rough Face Girl Book Review

There once was a girl who was very pretty. She had two sisters who were very mean to her. They made her sit by the fire and feed the flames. Her hands got all scars and burns from the fire. Her hair got all sandy and dirty. She became very ugly but inside she was nice. There was a Invisible being in the town. He lived in a great big wigwam at the end of the town. Only his sister could see him. One day the two mean sisters went to their father and said, "Father give us some pearls. Give some new buckskin dresses, give us some fancy moccasins" So their father did. Then they went to marry the invisible being. But only the one who can see him can marry him. They went to the big wigwam and said to the sisters, " We've come to marry the invisible being." The sister said, "but only the one that can see him can marry him." They said, "We could see him" So the sister said, "What is his bow made of?" They answered wrong. Then she asked them what his sleigh made of? They said, "The green of the willow branch" She said, "No, you have not seen him. Go home! " But the sisters said, "we have seen him just stop asking us such silly questions" She put them in a room. They heard breathing but they did not see anyone .In the morning they had to go home ashamed. The rough face girl asked her father for pearls, fancy moccasins and buckskin dresses. But he did not have any left for her. So she took the things he had. Everyone laughed at her as she walked through the town. She was going to marry the invisible being. She saw the sister. The sister asked her all the questions that she asked the two sisters she got them all right. At last she married the invisible being. The sister told her to bath in the lake. She did. She became beautiful. They went away in a canoe and lived happily ever after.
 By Gregory H., Kathleen O. & Alex B. 

 In the story rough face girl there was a wigwam and on it there was trees, berries, rainbows, eagle, crow, animals, moon, stars, grass roses and a sun.

In the wigwam was an invisible man. The rough face girl wanted to marry the invisible man so she went to the wigwam to see him. Although she wasn't so pretty she turned pretty in the end.

By Eddie C., Jennifer N., Thomas B. & Diana S.  


The sun is shining,
 The rainbows bright,
They're smiling in the sunlight,
 The sea is salty,
 The waves are smooth,
I can't believe they got married so soon!

By Caitlin F., Samantha M., Robert M., Daniel W. & Nicholas V.  

Meeting New York State’s ELA Standards

#1:  Information and Understanding

#2:  Literary Response and Expression

#3:  Critical Analysis and Evaluation

#4:  Social Interaction