Kim Cassidy
Norwood Avenue Elementary School
Port Jefferson Station, New York
Reading Classes Grade 4
Princess Furball


Princess Furball, written by Charlotte Huck, is about a princess who is arranged by her father to marry an Ogre. The princess, however, devised a clever plan to escape the marriage and her ultimate victory involved many brave adventures. Some of her adventures included running away, hiding in a tree, and working as a servant. We will leave you in suspense so you can enjoy the wonderful story of Princess Furball. However, we would like to share some of our thoughts.

Before reading, we made predictions about Princess Furball. Here is what we predicted:

The princess is made out of some fur. 
She always wears fur coats. 
They make the princess clean all day. 
The three ladies are the step girls and the fat one only gets to wear fur. 
It is about food.
 It is about a princess who has a cat named Furball. 
The people are mean to her. 
A princess is a big furball. 
She wears too much fur.

When the princess fled the castle to avoid marrying the Ogre she only took her three dresses, a ring, a thimble, a tiny spinning wheel, and her fur coat. The students were posed the question, "If you ran away like Furball, what things would you take with you and why?" Here are their responses.

Georgios- My bike so I do not have to walk. My clothes so I will not be cold. My laptop so I can go on the internet. My backpack so I do not have to carry my laptop. My mom's cell phone so I could call my friends. My teddy bear I had since I was a baby. A flashlight so I could see at night. A tent so I wouldn't get dirty. Batteries so I could do all the stuff I need with my flashlight and laptop.

Joy- A coat, shorts and pants so people don't recognize me and to keep warm. A bike in case I am too tired to walk and travel. My backpack so I could hold all the things I'm taking. Food and water so I don't starve. A locket of my mom's with a picture of my brother in it. A sleeping bag. A tent so bugs can't go on me.

Jenna- My bike so I get places faster. My sleeping bag to sleep A bag of  food  and drinks so I don't get hungry and thirsty. My jacket to keep me warm.  My book to read. My dog so he could make me feel safe and my Gameboy so I  could  play with it.

 Renee- My mountain bike so I can go fast wherever I go. My coat so I  can be warm and comfortable. My blanket so I could snuggle when it's cold. My  Gameboy so I won't be bored. All my pets so I won't miss them. Drinks  and    food so I won't be hungry. 

 Rafael- Nintendo because I like to play with it. Toys because I will be  bored. My bike so I do not have to walk. My rat because I love it and  it  is  my very own pet. My blanket because I had it since I was a baby. 

Sean- My bike so I don't have to walk. My gameboy so I don't get bored. Cans of food so I don't get hungry. My backpack so I could carry things. My dad's  cell phone so I can call people. A flashlight for when it gets dark. 

 Charlie- My bike so I wouldn't have to walk. Some water and food so I wouldn't starve. A mini tv so I can watch my shows. My backpack so I  can  carry stuff in it. A flashlight for when it's really dark at night. 

 Jessica- My cousin's bike so I will not have to walk. Clothes so I have things to wear. My mom's ring because it is special. My blanket if I'm cold. Money if I need food and water. A coat so I could be nice and warm. A pictur of my mom because she is beautiful. 

Mitchell- My bike so I can ride to places. Clothes so I could change into clean clothes. Money so I can buy myself food. A backpack so I could put my clothes and money in it. These are my special items.


Princess Furball sleeping in a tree after running away from home
by Georgios


The King's hounds came to the tree where Princess Furball slept

Princess Furball, the King, and the entire family lived happily ever after


Furball getting ready for the ball in her woodshed


The King and Queen's enormous wedding cake


The King and Queen dancing at the ball


The Princess is living in a tree
by Charlie


Meeting NYS Standards

ELA 1 Students will read, write, listen, and speak for information and understanding.

ELA 2 Students will read, write, listen, and speak for literary response and expression.

ELA 3 Students will read, write, listen, and speak for critical analysis and evaluation.

ELA 4 Students will read, write, listen, and speak for social interaction.

MST 2 Students will access, generate, process, and transfer information using appropriate technologies.