Ms. Daffurn
Logan Reserve State School
 Queensland, Australia
Year 2 ( ages 6-7 )
The Enchanted Anklet: A Cinderella Story from India


Cinderella by Kayla

Once upon a time there was a father. His wife died so he found another wife. He had a daughter named Cinderella. His new wife had two daughters.

The prince announced a ball. Every girl was invited. Cinderella had to stay home and had to do all the chores while the two stepsisters went to the ball. They left Cinderella at home washing and polishing the two stepsisters clothes.

Cinderella wished that she could go to the ball. She cried and cried, but then she heard a sound. A voice said, "It is okay, I am your Fairy Godmother, I am going to help you. Go outside and get a pumpkin and get eight lizards." The Fairy Godmother turned it into a carriage. Then she touched Cinderella on the shoulder and then she had a beautiful dress. Then Cinderella went to the ball. Cinderella raced home as the clock struck twelve.

The next night she looked as pretty she was the first night. That night she lost her glass slipper. The prince found Cinderella and they got married.

The Enchanted Anklet by Alice

Once upon a time there was a man who had two wives and two daughters, but his first wife died. The first wife's daughter was named Cinduri. Cinduri's dad died soon after.

Cinduri had to do all the chores. She had to milk the cows two times a day. She had to pick the vegetables and then she had to sell them. She was lucky to get a bowl of rice.

Her stepmother said to Cinduri, "Do not go to town. What would we do if the cows got stolen?" "Okay said Cinduri." "And go get some water," her stepmother said.

Cinduri got the two big pots and went to the lake to get the water. She sat down to have a rest. Just then she heard a voice. "Do not be scared. I can help you. I will get you water fit for a king." The voice came from a white water snake with a red jewel on his head.

Cinduri gave the pot to the snake. Then he came back with the water and a gold plate with food. "Come on eat it," he said. "Come here when you are sad or want something. I am your Godfather."

The stepmother noticed something about the water and Cinduri was even more beautiful. In the mean time the town crier said that the prince is coming to town for the festival. "You all can come to the nights of the festival," he said.

All the people went looking for the fine clothes they could wear. Cinduri asked, "Can I come to the festival with you?" Her stepmother said, "You cannot come too."

On the ninth night of the festival Cinduri's half-sister Lata and her mum drove off in their cart. Cinduri took out the red jewel that the snake had given her and rubbed it like he said to do to make a wish. She wished to go to the festival. Just then a carriage appeared and she was wearing beautiful clothes - a beautiful sari and chundri on her head. The snake told her to be home by twelve o'clock as the clothes and carriage would disappear.

She got into the carriage and she drove off to the festival. The Crown Prince saw her at once and said, "Can you dance with me all evening?" At twelve o'clock Cinduri watched the prince light the aarti lamp and she quickly ran away from the festival. She dropped one of her anklets on the way.

The prince picked it up and said, "I have to find her." In the morning they all got a letter that said come to the middle of town and try on the anklet. Cinduri wasn't allowed to go but she rubbed the stone and just then she was in the middle of town. She tried on the anklet and it fitted. The prince was overjoyed and he asked her to get married.

The prince wouldn't forgive the stepmother and sister Lata. He wouldn't let them live with them. They couldn't run the farm and turned into beggars. They sat under a tree one day and lightening struck. They died when the tree fell on them. Cinduri and the prince lived happily ever after.

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