Mrs. Rastin
Trafalgar School
 Ontario, Canada
Grades 2-3

The Golden Sandal by Rebecca Hickox and Will Hillenbrand


As one of the beginning units this year, we used the Global Cinderella theme to introduce the recurring classroom theme of  "It's a Small World."
We began the unit by studying Charles Perrault's version of Cinderella. We discussed the era and time that the story was written and read many versions of that particular story. We then read The Golden Sandal by Rebecca Hickox and Will Hillenbrand. This is a middle eastern version in which a kind and beautiful girl who is mistreated by her stepmother and stepsister finds a husband with the help of a magic fish. 
After reading the story, we made a vocabulary list, putting the words in our dictionaries. We drew our favourite part of the story, ensuring that the entire page was coloured. We discussed the personality characteristics of the different characters and each child was to write a sentence (Grade 2) or short paragraph (Grade 3) describing the characteristics of a chosen character. We then completed a Venn diagram to compare the traditional Cinderella with this version. Finally, after writing a pattern apple poem for another unit, we wrote pattern poems for The Golden Sandal.

The Ontario standards that were taught/assessed during this unit are:

  • express thoughts and feeling about a piece of writing
  • retell a story in proper sequence; identify main ideas and characters
  • write legibly
  • express point of view
  • begin to support views from the story
  • identify some elements of a story
  • use Venn diagram to compare elements of two stories
  • express clear responses to written materials 
  • demonstrate skill and knowledge of computer programme (KidPix)
The Red Fish was kind to Maha because he gave a coin to her so she could buy a fish.
The Stepmother was kind until she married Maha's dad. And that is when she made her clean all the time. That is when the stepmother was mean and cruel to Maha
Maha was thoughtful when she let the fish go. Maha was kind to the stepmother when she wanted the father to marry her. Maha was helpful when she helped clean.
The Red Fish was helpful when he gave Maha the comb, the dress and the golden sandals.
Maha was scared when she was going to get beaten if she came back empty handed. Maha was forced to clean all day and night. Maha was very happy when she was going to have a wedding.
Maha was really polite to the Red Fish because she let the Red Fish go.
~Christopher G

cruel, jealous
going to the henna

The Golden Sandal
shining in the water
scared the horse.
The Golden Sandal

Red Fish
 magical, powerful
helping Maha
 like the fairy godmother

kind, thoughtful
hard-working and beautiful
 lost the golden sandal
Red Fish
powerful, magic
giving some wishes
 Red Fish
 ~Christopher E.
Red Fish
 powerful, kind
granting wishes, helping Maha
 Fairy Godmother

Red Fish
 kind, cool
 giving Maha a coin
so she wouldn't be beat
 Maha's friend

 kind, sweet



Red Fish
 kind, generous
 giving, smart
Red Fish
Red Fish
kind, powerful
 gave Maha a coin
Red Fish
The Golden Sandal
 shiny sandal
shining in the river
 The Golden Sandal
Red Fish
 coin, comb
kind to Maha
Red Fish
 beautiful, kind
running over the bridge
 Red Fish