Mrs. Schneeberg
Boyle Road Elementary School
Grade 3
Cendrillon, A Carribean Cinderella
by Robert San Souci


Our third grade class read Cendrillon, which took place in Martinique.  Martinique is an island in the Caribbean Sea. Here is a map that shows the setting of our story.

 We wrote poems, different endings, and sequels to the story.  This version of Cinderella had a Godmother as one of its main characters.  The male character, Paul, was not a prince.  We are now interested in reading other Cinderellas around the world.  


What A Beauty

What a beauty
A glamorous dress and pretty pink slippers
What a beauty
The most beautiful jewels ever seen
What a beauty
A kind heart as well
What a beauty
A great story to tell

by Kelsey R.



Roses are red
Violets are blue
Cendrillon is the best
And so are the rest
The island is beautiful
And so is the sea
You never can see it.
But she can see
A reflection of her Godmother

by Robert S.

The Stepmother

The stepmother is so evil
More evil  than an anvil
When she calls Cendrillon
Her voice croaks
Which makes her belly bloat
So that Cendrillon's father is afraid of her
And when she went to the ball 
She was so jealous of Cendrillon
Because she was so beautiful

by Michael C.



Cendrillon was at the river washing clothes
She shows her Godmother her toes
Her Godmother was sad
She went home and brushed her hair
With a comb
Then she picked up the phone

by Hector M.


Cendrillon had small feet
She was so sweet
She grew up as a washerwoman
Because her stepmother was so mean
She had a nice Godmother
Who had a magic wand
There was a ball coming up
Which had lots of cups
Her Godmother tapped her three times
Cenrillon was at the ball
And that rhymes

by Jimmy K.





Cendrillon really wanted to go to the ball.  But she didn't.  Paul danced with her stepsister and fell in love with her.  The next day they got married.  Then Cendrillon lived with them, but she had to clean up the whole mansion.  

by Jessica B.

Cendrillon and Paul danced until they fell asleep.  The next day they woke up and went to Paul's house.  Then they danced together all day and night.  Paul gave Cendrillon flowers.  They hugged and kissed each other like Romeo and Juliet.

by Kayla V. 

Cendrillon had to sew dresses for her stepsister to go to the ball.  She was left to do chores.  She went to go upstairs to her bedroom.  She looked out the window.  Her dad told her when she sees a bright star say, "One beautiful star." Poof, her Godmother was right in front of her.  She became a beautiful princess.

by Samantha H.

Cendrillon  almost got married but the stepmother grabbed the wand and turned the Caribbean Sea into sand.  But that wand was a play wand.  The fairy Godmother had two wands.  The stepmother had the false one.  One wand turned the Caribbean sand into water again.  The stepmother vanished into the past.  Finally Cendrillon got married to Paul.

by Aneil P.

Cendrillon's stepmother didn't let her get married to Paul.  She made Cendrillon clean windows.  But Cendrillon's Godmother put a zipper on the stepmother's mouth.  She could not talk.  So Cendrillon's stepmother tried to take the zipper off but couldn't because it had a lock on it.  There was no key for the lock.  So, Cendrillon left on a plane to Asia with Paul and got married there.

by David R.

After midnight Cendrillon was still dancing.  Nothing happened.  Then she went home.  Cendrillon dropped a slipper.  The prince went looking at Cendrillon's house first.  The prince tried it on Cendrillon's stepsister.  It fit her perfectly.  The prince married Cendrillon's stepsister instead of her.  Cendrillon was very mad.  Then Cendrillon lived with her stepsister and Paul.  But she was their servant.  

by Joanna V.


Paul found the wrong person.  Then he married her and loved her.  He and Cendrillon met again.  Paul and the other girl got divorced.  Paul and Cendrillon got married.  They lived happily ever after in a cozy warm house.  The Godmother gave Cendrillon the mahogany wand.  Cendrillon had a baby girl and loved her.  Paul and her baby girl named Kristiana lived happily ever after.  Cendrillon gave her daughter the wand.

by Jackie B.

At the end Cendrillon goes back to the ball and dances all night and half the next day.  Then they got so tired they slept on the ballroom floor.  They walked around the neighborhood and said hello to some people.  Then they went to Paul's friend's house.  Then they went to the river for a swim.  Cendrillon and Paul went to Paul's house and had chocolate sherbert.  

by Michaela B. 

 Cendrillon and Paul made a boat.  They brought Cendrillon's Godmother with them.  Three days later they found another boat.  They went to New York.  They had a baby and lived happily ever after.

by Victoria C.


After they got married Paul asked Cendrillon if she would like to go with him to a castle.  She was welcome to bring her Godmother.  So she did.  Soon she had a baby girl who she named Arena.  Sadly Cendrillon died.  As the baby got older she would hear more about her mother.  Her prayers would be answered.

By Jamie S.

 At the wedding everybody ate cake.  It was good.  Then Cendrillon danced with Paul. Cendrillon lived with Paul.  Nine months later she had a baby.  She named her Cendrillon like herself.

by Nicole A.

Paul and Cendrillon lived in the castle.  And Cendrillon looked at the sea.  The stepsister had to do all the work.  Her hands turned blistery red.  She had to sleep on a hay bed now.  Cendrillon doesn't have to do any work.  She gets to eat all the chocolate sherbert she wants.

By Robert I.

At the wedding everyone ate chocolate sherbert.  Nine months later Cendrillon had a baby.  She named it Paula because the baby was a girl.  She was named after her daddy Paul.  

by Kaitlyn D. 

Paul and Cendrillon are married.  Cendrillon really didn't feel so good.  So she went to the doctor.  She came home and said, "Paul, I'm having two children."  "They are due on September 29th."  "It's only August 30th," said Paul.  "I know,"she said.  "Are they boys or girls?" asked Paul.  "Both," she said.  I'll name them Casey and Justin.  So days passed and she had the children.  They moved to New York.  It was really cool.  They made a lot of friends except for one bully.  Cendrillon was worried about her Godmother.  Her children never saw her.  But she didn't want to bring it up or she'd start crying.  "What did you go through in your childhood?" asked her children.  "I'll tell you when you get older."

by Alexa V.

New York State Learning Standards
English Language Arts

Standard 1
Listening: identify main ideas and supporting details, interpret information by drawing on prior knowledge and experience

Speaking: Initiate communications with peers and familiar adults

Standard 2
Reading: Identify cultural influences in texts and performances

Writing: Produce clear, well-organized responses to stories read or listened to, supporting the understanding of themes, characters, and events with details from story