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My daughter is in first grade. She and her class read the book Cinderella Skeleton and then did some follow up activities. I think she truly enjoyed reading and participating in this program.  She thought the story was spooky and fun.
Parent in Ashley Ross's class

Article in Education World

I found Mrs Schneeberg's 3rd Grade class' rendering of "Cendrillon, A Carribean Cinderella" to be quite remarkable. I'm sure the kids had fun by letting their imagination take over as is evident in their many versions of the story. But more importantly I think the project encouraged the class to be creative; to appreciate the different versions of Cinderella and to even learn some geography based on some of the questions that my son has been asking.
Mr. Persaud

Dear Project Coordinators,
My son, Cory, is in Ms. Ross's First Grade Class at Barrett Elementary Center in Cresco, PA. Even before school started, this summer we read about the Cinderella Around the World project on Ms. Ross's website. When I found out that Cory had Ms. Ross for his First Grade Teacher, I purchased the book Cinderella Skeleton for him as a surprise for his first day of school. He loved it! He laughed really hard when she lost her foot. When his class did the project in school, he couldn't wait to show me all the words they had come up with on the board. He really enjoyed the project, especially when they took off their sneakers and categorized them. This was a great project to do this year since our PTO theme is Celebrating Diversity. I never knew so many versions of Cinderella even existed! Cory and I are having fun looking at all of the other Cinderella Around the World class projects on the internet. A couple of years ago I assisted Ms. Ross's class with the Bunny Readers project. I love these great internet projects that you have coordinated and how they can incorporate so many subject areas and grade levels. Keep up the great work and we look forward to the next theme project!
Cindy Haab Parent

I visited the Cinderella Project via Lynn Weber's classroom with Patti Knox of North Canton, Ohio. It is superbly well done with high quality activities that meet Ohio's Language Arts standards!!!! I will be sure to have my preservice teachers interact with the will certainly provide them with an exemplary way to integrate technology into the classroom!
Christine A. McKeon, Ph.D.
Walsh University, North Canton, Ohio

I visited the Cinderella Around the World website with my son this evening. We both enjoyed the many versions of Cinderella, as well as the activities that each class participated in. I was very impressed with the inclusion of math skills in a Cinderella project!
Wayne Miller, parent
Port Jefferson Station, NY
Mrs. Sowa's Class

My son is a second grader in Ms. Sowa/Ms Florin's class at Clinton Ave. Elementary School. We have been visiting the Cinderella website all week and my son has been enjoying the puzzles, crosswords and matching games that were created. He was also excited about viewing his work on the computer and that it could be seen by people all over the country.

I think that this project is wonderful in that it encompasses so many different subject areas in such a creative, hands on way. My son frequently came home talking about the different stories he was reading and the different cultures that were illustrated in the literature. He learned a few words from the Spanish language with the book Domitila that his class was reading and I even noticed a few new English vocabulary words that he has started to use regularly. This project also expanded his interest in the computer and it has encouraged him to better understand how the Internet works.
Tina Hannel

Dear Mrs. Silverman,
My son  is my third child lucky enough to be working with you on such computer projects as this one. It is a pleasure to see the enthusiasm that comes along with each one! HATS OFF TO YOU ONCE AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sandy Nelson

I visited your project site. I found it very interesting and motivating. Your site provided many great activities on incorporating the literature of Cinderella and other versions of the story. It will be a truly motivating project for students to interact and participate in learning to read and respond to literature. Thank you for sharing you wonderful project.
P.S. I also enjoyed the music and graphics.
Michelle Bamba

Wow! What a great site! I love it! I collect Cinderella stories and do a unit with them for my  3rd graders. This site will be very helpful.  Plus, your site gave me ideas for an interactive  web site I have to create for one of my master's  classes. It will be on Sadako and the Thousand  Paper Cranes.
Suzanne Kenoyer
Converse, Texas