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Hello, my name is Andrew.  I like to watch Pokemon.  My favorite food is pizza.   When I grow up I want to be a vet.

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September 9, 1999


They have fur
Some live in caves
They have one pup a year
But the most important thing is....
They eat bad insects.

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October 28, 1999

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November 4, 1999

Friendship Poem

girl, nice, friendly,
playing, running, working
My friend she likes to laugh out loud
My friend

November 17, 1999

My Starry Bear Tale

Once a little boy was doing an experiment.  But he messed up.  He did not start all over.  Then boom!  A bear was on a roof.  The little boy put the experiment in the fireplace.  The bear went in the roof and was thrown into space.

December 1, 1999

My Llama Report

Llamas live in Bolivia, Chile and Peru.  Don't yell at them because they might spit at you.   They are very useful.  They weigh 300 pounds to 450.  They are mammals.

December 16, 1999

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Inspired by Jan Brett's book The Mitten

January 5, 2000

When I Got Scared

It happened on May 30, 1998.  When I was six my sister was scaring me.  She shakes the mattress.   I wake up.  I say,"Mom."  She runs in her room and I locked the door.

March 10, 2000

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April 4, 2000

How The Cookie-Cutter Got Its Name

Once there was a boy named Brendon.  He saw a shark who had no name.  Brendon said, "Do you like cookies?"  The shark said, "Yes, I do"!  Brendon said "How much?"  The shark said, "Lots."  That's how the Cookiecutter shark got its name.

June 14, 2000