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Hello, my name is Brendan.  I like to draw.  My favorite food is soup.  When I grow up I want to be a vet.

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September 9, 1999

Diamond Poetry

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September 24, 1999


They use echolocation
They have fingers
They can see in the dark
But the most important thing about bats is....
They help us.

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October 28, 1999

Friendship Poem

friendly, funny
laughing, playing, running
Matt will probably make me laugh
my pal

November 17, 1999


The llama lives in Bolivia, Chile and Peru.  They eat grass and leaves.  They have two toes on each foot.  Llamas can weigh up to 300 to 450 pounds.  Here's an interesting fact.   They like kids.

December 16, 1999

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Inspired by Jan Brett's book The Mitten

January 5, 2000

The Magic Kente

A fireman took a kente home to give to his daughter.  So he did.  She took it and made a snowman and put it on him.  Then the snowman came to life.  So she talked to him.  Then it was bed time.  Then the next day she went out to play with the snowman.  So she did.   So now she has a friend to play with.

January 20, 2000

Character Poster

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February 4, 2000

The Bunny That Wandered Off

Once upon a time there were two rabbits named Fluffy and Thumper.  Fluffy was a good rabbit.   Thumper was a bad rabbit.  He wandered off all the time.  His mom and dad did not like him when he did that.  One day he wandered off because he saw a butterfly.  He loves butterflys.  He went through Mr. Nelson's garden.  Mr. Nelson hates rabbits.  He started trying to kill him.  Luckily he was wandering off very fast.  He got away.  Then he went in the woods.  This time he did not get caught.  Again he kept wandering off.  Now he fell into a lake.  A big fish almost gobbled him up.  But he swam away.  He made his way home safely.
The moral of this story is: Don't wander off.

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April 4, 2000


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S harks are wonderful fish

H ammerheads are so cool

A nd a Whaleshark won't harm a thing

R ocks better be around so fish can hide because here comes the Great White

K eep moving shark or you'll drown

May 12, 2000

Hammerhead Detective

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Once upon a time there was a great white shark that was eating all the fish in the ocean.  All the other meat eating sharks had nothing to eat.  The hammerhead detective decided to investigate the situation.  When he found out it was the great white he hammered him into the sand and all the fish ate happily ever after.

June 4, 2000