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Pumpkins are fun to pick with your friends.
Use them for pumpkin pie for your family.
Many pumpkins are orange and green.

Pumpkins are healthy for you to eat.
Kids like to pick pumpkins on Halloween so they can carve.
I will eat pumpkins all day.
New pumpkins will grow each day.

by Danielle, Nicole, and Jaclyn

Apples are healthy
People like apples
People like sour apples
Lots of apples are good
Eat apples
Sweet apples are good

by Janice, Joseph, Lissette and Sarah

Pumpkins, pumpkins I love pumpkins.
Use them for jack-o-lanterns.
Many people like pumpkin pie.
People like to pick pumpkins.
Kids like to eat the inside of pumpkins.
In the middle there are seeds.
New pumpkins are nice and fresh.
Some are orange and yellow and green.

by Megan, Amanda, Rachel

Apples are juicy and round.
People eat apples.
People eat lots of juicy round red apples.
Lots of people drink apple juice.
Empty the crate of apples.
Some people even eat apples with peanut butter.

by Kaitlyn, Nicole K., Shannon

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One Bunny
by Janice & Nicholas

Once a little bunny who was named LoLo said, "I need a home."  All of a sudden a strange look came on Lolo.   A grown up said, "What a wonderful little fellow."  Their names were Mrs. Pearson and Mr. SanRoman.  They said, "Come here."  Lolo said,"OK."  They brought him in the house and said that they were going to eat LoLo.  After that they tried to put him in the oven.  He ran away.   Mrs. Pearson said that it was all Mr. SanRoman's fault that he ran away.  They could have eaten him.  They wanted to get him back.  Mrs. Pearson said, "You get him yourself."  Mr. San Roman said, "Be right back."   He tried to get the rabbit.  Then they tried to bake him but he ran under their legs.
The moral of this story is: Don't talk to strangers.

Forest Fire
by Matt W., Matt P. & Tyler

Once upon a time there were three friends.   The friends were Thumper the rabbit, Comet the cat, and Tommy the dog.  They were playing in a field in the forest.  The fox was playing with matches in the forest.  He burned his hands and dropped the matches.  The friends saw the flame.  Tommy used his cell phone to call the fire department.  The fire department put out the fire.  The fox was sorry.  No animal was hurt.  The good friends went back to playing.  They really worked well together.
The moral of this story is: Don't play with matches.

Our Class Fairytale Dictionary

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This project was done in the media center with Mrs. Lusak.