Where to Find Collaborative Internet Projects
Presentation Hand-Out

  1. Electronic Elementary Magazine
  2. Very easy to read and navigate. There are projects offered by the E-Link staff and by outside project coordinators. It is geared for lower primary students.

  3. Houghton Mifflin Project Center
  4. Collaborative projects are listed under subject areas.

  5. NickNacks Telecollaborate
  6. Nancy Walker's page offers descriptions of monthly and ongoing projects.

  7. Global School Net- HILITES
  8. This place has it all. Here you can find many projects for all grade levels. You can also join their mailing list and e-mail on a regular basis announcing new projects. You can also announce your project here and visit their archives for ideas on creating a project

  9. Travel Buddies
  10. Linda Mckeown is the moderator of this site. Here you can find a travel buddy for your class and subscribe to their mailing list so that you can put out your own ad. There are online mentors to help you with a travel buddy project.

  11. E-Mail Classroom Exchange
  12. This site has a database where you can find classes that are looking for keypals, or register your class.

  13. Virtual Architecture's Web Home
    The author of this site is Judi Harris. Dr. Harris is a professor at the University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Harris has done extensive research on the topic of Internet collaboration. Her web site offers everything you could possibly want to know about project planning, coordination, assessment and online resources. There are also links to her presentations and published articles.

Compiled by
Susan Silverman
Computer Resource Teacher
Comsewogue School District, New York