Joseph's  Webfolio


Hello, my name is Joseph.  I am seven years old.  I like to play with my kitten.  My kitten's name is Snowy.  My favorite food is pizza.  I like to play baseball.

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February 7, 2000
Joseph is a new entrant in our class.

When I Felt Excited

Once I went to my cousin's house.  There were three other kids there.  I know the names but I forgot them.  We played Play-Station all together.  And we had icecream with whipped cream.  And we played with my baby brother.  His name is Kenny.  He is very nice.  And we played Game Boy Color at his house.  Then we ate meatballs and spaghetti with sauce.  And then we went home and we went to bed.

March 10, 2000

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April 20, 2000

The Day I Met a Shark

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One day two little boys named Joseph and John went to the beach.  Joseph wanted to go swimming, but John was afraid.  John heard a story about a killer shark.  Joseph decided to go swimming anyway.  Joseph swam and swam until he couldn't swim any further.  John called to Joseph, "Come back you're going too far."  Joseph started to swim back, but was too tired.  He couldn't make it.  Josehp noticed John yelling and pointing.  He turned his head and saw a shark swimming towards him.  The shark came closer and closer.  Just when Joseph thought the shark would bite him, he closed his mouth and pushed Joseph back to shore.  The shark wasn't a killer, he was a hero.

June 10, 2000