Mrs. Silverman's Journal

July 4, 1999
I just returned from a short vacation in London and Switzerland.  My husband was on a business trip in Zurich and I spent the day walking with my son Gary.  Gary just graduated from the University of Delaware  and is spending six weeks on his own touring Europe. We had the wonderful opportunity of spending time in Burgenstock, Switzerland.  We spent the day hiking and enjoying the luxury of the Park Hotel.
When we returned home I was thrilled to receive a fellowship to The Franklin Institute's Online Fellows program. The Fourth of July weekend was very hot and humid here on Long Island.  It was much too uncomfortable to be outdoors so I completed the pages of Online Autumn. If only there were more hours in the day!

cottage.jpg (22549 bytes)
Swiss Cottage

lake2.jpg (11717 bytes)

lake.jpg (10918 bytes)
View of Lake Lucerne

train2.jpg (12258 bytes)
Hotel owned railway

lift2.jpg (13357 bytes)
The Hammetschwand-Lift
Europe's highest and fastest outdoor elevator

garhotel.jpg (14095 bytes)
Here is our son Gary.  He took time out of his European adventure to visit mom and dad in Zurich.