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Hello, my name is Lissette.   I like to draw.  My favorite food is ham with cheese.  When I grow up I want to be a chef.

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September 9, 1999

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September 23, 1999

Most Important Poem

Have one pup a year
Can live in trees
Have claws
But the most important thing about bats is...
They can see in the dark.

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October 27, 1999

Friendship Poem

My friend
friendly, smart, girl
jumping, running, playing
she likes to do math every day.
My pal

Novermber 17, 1999

My Starry Bear Tale

One night a bear was climbing a tree.  He went higher and higher until he was at the top of the tree.   Suddenly, the wind pulled him up and he was put in the big blue sky.

December 1, 1999

My Llama Report

Llamas live in Bolivia, Chile and Peru.  They eat grasses and leaves.  Llamas have two toes on each foot.  The most interesting fact about llamas is that they can stay with no water for two weeks because the green plants help them.

December 16, 1999

If I Had An Arpillera

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I would want to have llamas and people on it.  We learned how to make one.  You have to get cloth and sew it and put people and llamas on it.

December 12, 1999

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Inspired by Jan Brett's book The Mitten

January 5, 2000

The Magic Kente

A fireman found a piece of cloth.  He brought it to his daughter.  She liked it.  The girl put it on her doll.  It started to talk.  So she told her dad about it.  He did not believe her.  Then he went to see and it talked.  They fainted.

January 20, 2000

Little Foot Learns a Lesson

One day a little mamma rabbit was eating her carrot when a big fox came.  Her son took his sword and hit the fox.  Her son, Smarty saved her.  Her other kids were sleeping.   Miss Cone went to the market to get food.  She told them not to play with her computer and to go play outside.  Smarty and Fluffy went outside.  Fluffy told Little Foot to come out.  He said he would be out in a minute.  He took very long so Smarty and Fluffy went to pick cherries.  Little Foot was playing with mom's computer.  He got thirsty and got a carrot drink.  By accident he spilled the drink on the computer.  His mom got home and found Smarty and Fluffy eating cherries outside.  She found the computer broken.  His mom sent Little Foot to his room while Fluffy and Smarty enjoyed carrot cake and cherry juice.  The moral of this story is: Don't touch other people's things.

March 24, 2000

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April 4, 2000

The Misunderstood Shark
a one act play

Cast of Characters: Jaclyn, Mr. Pedly, Narrator, Shark

Jaclyn: I wish I could see a shark!

Narrator: So she went for a dive.

Shark:  Oh look, a human!

Jaclyn:  On look, a shark!

Narrator:  So they both went to meet each other.

Jaclyn:  How are you?

Shark:  Very, very good.  Thanks for asking.

Jaclyn:  How do you live?

Shark:  Well, I eat fish and other sea animals.

Jaclyn:  What do you mean?

Shark:  I mean I am a carnivore.

Narrator:  So they both became friends.

Jaclyn:  Let's go to my dad's house.

Mr. Pedly:  Hello, Shark!

Shark:  Hello, Mr. Pedly, glad to meet you!

Mr. Pedly:  Glad to meet you too!

Jaclyn:  Let's go inside and eat dinner!

Narrator:  So they all went inside to eat.

The End

June 14, 2000