See the USA with Lucille


My project is multidisciplinary-a big word meaning we’ll do activities in many subjects like science, math, and language arts.

I will travel to every state in the United States.

You can share my journey with me at my homepage, See the USA with Lucille.

Art Activities

1. Lucille would like you send us a picture of your class so she can remember her visit with you. This can be a photograph that you mail to us or an image taken with a digital camera sent to us via e-mail.

2. We’d also like to have a picture that represents your geographical region. For example, if you live near mountains, maybe you’d like to send us a picture of them. Lucille has posted her picture of the Atlantic Ocean for her example. This picture can be a photograph that you mail, an image taken with a digital camera that you send via e-mail, or a picture that you draw with KidPix or another drawing program and then e-mail it to us.

3.Lucille would love to have a picture of your plant and animal that you described to her for her scrapbook collection. Please draw the plant and animal using KidPix or a similar drawing program.


Geography Activities


1. Identify your absolute location (latitude/longitude). Describe your relative location (your state is north of ?, south of ?, etc.) E-mail us this information.

2. Physical Characteristics

Describe the physical characteristics of your place. What are the landforms and bodies of water? What is the climate like?

3. Human Characteristics

Describe the human characteristics of your place. Do you live in a city, suburb, or a rural area? What ethnic groups live in your community? What have people built to make it easier to live -- parks, roads, bridges?

How the Physical Place Affects People

Describe how the people in your community benefit from the physical environment. For example, Lucille lives near the Atlantic Ocean where many people make their living by fishing.

Describe examples of natural hazards that occur in your community. Lucille has to watch out for hurricanes. When they come to her community, she must bury herself deep in the sand to protect herself.

NOTE: Please send us all this information to us via e-mail.

Science Activities

1. Choose one habitat from your geographical region to explore. What’s it like there? What’s the climate? What’s the ground covering? Are there special things about the habitat that you want Lucille to know? E-mail your scientific observations to us.

2. Every habitat has plants and animals that make their home there. Choose one plant and one animal that will help Lucille

understand your area of the USA. Describe your plant and

animal and the conditions in the habitat that allow it to survive. E-mail your observations to us.

Remember: Lucille can understand a scientific observation when it’s factual and not opinion.

Reading/Writing Activities

1. Lucille would like you to read the books that she has brought with her. These books will help you understand her habitat and geographic location. Then, she would like you to read books that explain habitats in your geographic region.

2. Lucille asks that you share your understanding of the books by writing a summary of one of the texts. Tell her what you learned about the habitat, geographic location, a plant or animal from the habitat. Don’t forget to give the title and author of the book so she can include it for other students to read.

3. Please e-mail your summaries back to Lucille’s homepage and they will be included in her Journal.

4. Lucille loves to read and write poetry. She would like you to write poetry about the habitat, animal in the habitat, or plant in the habitat. You can use any poetry format that you like, such as haiku. Please select only 2 or 3 to send back to her for publication on her homepage.

Math Activities

1. Lucille would like to have a record of the temperature from the different places she visited. Please measure and record the temperature for each day of the week she is with you. Then e-mail that information to us.

2. Also, record the weather for the same week. E-mail that to us, too.

3. You might want to check out Lucille’s Weather Watch page and use the temperature and weather data to create charts, tables or graphs.