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Hello, my name is Matt.  I like to play baseball.  My favorite food is icecream.  When I grow up I want to be a police officer.

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September 9, 1999


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Bats have teeth.  Bats can live in trees.  Some bats live in caves.  Some bats don't.  Some bats eat fruit.  A bat's wings are really their arms.  Bats have 5 fingers.  They eat fruit and they eat insects.  Vampire bats don't suck people's blood.

October 28, 1999

Friendship Poem

friendly, nice, good
running, jumping, skipping
My friend likes to laugh a very lot
My friend

November 17, 1999

A Llama Report

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Llamas live in Bolivia, Chile, and Peru.  They eat grasses and leaves.  They have two toes on each foot.   Llamas are good with children.

December 16, 1999

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April 6, 2000