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Hello, my name is Matt.  I like to play with my cat.  My favorite food is pizza.  When I grow up I want to be a vet.

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September 9, 1999


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Bats hibernate in the winter.  Bats have fingers.  Bats can use echolocation.

October 28, 1999

Friendship Poem
funny, nice, fun
laughing, running, playing
Brendan makes me laugh all the time
My friend

November 17, 1999

My Llama Report

If you get a llama mad it will spit.  Llamas eat leaves and grass.  Llamas live in Peru, Bolivia and Chile.  They weigh 300 to 450 pounds.

December 16, 1999

The Magic Kente

A girl with her doll had a magic kente.  She put the kente on the doll and it came to life.  The doll said, "If I make a lot of money I will give some to you."

January 20, 2000

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April 7, 2000

How The Cookie Cutter Shark Got Its Name

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Once upon a time there was a cookie cutter shark.  He was eating a cookie.  He got another cookie.  He ate that one too.  His favorite thing in the world was cookies.   He could not stop eating cookies.  That is how the cookie cutter shark got its name.

June 4, 2000