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Hello, my name is Nicole.  I like to play softball.  My favorite food is tacos. When I grow up I want to be a pediatrician.

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September 9, 1999

Graphic Organizer
Author Study: Tomie De Paola

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September 17, 1999

Blueberries for Sal
By Robert McCloskey

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November 1, 1999

My Starry Bear Tale

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People drew pictures in their heads.   They used their imaginations to connect stars and make pictures.

December 1, 1999

My Llama Report

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Llamas live in three countries in South America.  They are Bolivia, Peru, and Chile.  Llamas eat grasses and leaves.   A llama has two toes on each foot.  Do not get them angry because if you do they might spit at you.

December 16, 1999

Character Poster

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February 4, 2000

When I Felt Peaceful

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March 9, 2000
Nicole typed this herself in Amazing Writing Machine.

Nicole and her Golden Rollerblades

One day I was walking on a street when I spyed a big apple tree with a pair of rollerblades laying on the side of it's trunk.   The tree said that the rollerblades next to him were golden and magical rollerblades. I said "What's so special about them?" The tree said, "If you think of a place you really want to see, just close your eyes and make a sound like this, VROOM,VROOM as fast as you can and then in one second your right where you wanted to be!!!   I said, "WOW"!!!!!  Does that really happen? "Yes", said the tree!  Then right away I grabbed the pair of rollerblades and put them on!   They were the right size!!! I said, "Thankyou"! "Your welcome,"said the tree!  Then I did what the tree said! I thought of Disneyland. Then I made the sound, VROOM,VROOM!  Then I realized I wasn't at my home, I was at Disneyland!  I was so happy!  I had a wonderful time!  Then I wanted to go home!  I stepped into my rollerblades and went back home.  I said "I" will keep these in a safe just for me to open until my next adventure! The End

April 4, 2000

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April 6, 2000


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S harks are fun to spend time with

H ear people say sharks are bad, that's a myth

A whaleshark is bigger then any other fish

R eally, I wish I can see one, Oh I wish, wish, wish!

K eep saving sharks instead of having them for a dish!

May 12, 2000

How The Cookie-Cutter Shark Got Its Name

Once upon a time, there lived a shark called the Cookie-Cutter Shark.  Everyone wondered if it was called the Cookie-Cutter Shark.  Everyday, when the Cookie-Cutter Shark drifted through the water, he wondered why the other creatures stared at him. When he got home, the Cookie-Cutter Shark started to cut cookies.  It cut cookies by placing his sharp, pointed scales against the dough forming cookies and that's how the Cookie-Cutter Shark got its name.

June 10, 2000