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Hello, my name is Shannon.  I like to do gymnastics.  My favorite food is cookie dough icecream.   When I grow up I want to be a teacher.

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September 9, 1999

Most Important Poem

Have tongues
Have thumbs
Have tails
But the most important thing about bats is...
They help the world.

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October 27, 1999

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November 4, 1999

Friendship Poem

My Friend
Friendly, Funny
playing, running, swimming
My friend loves to run and to jump
My Pal

November 17, 1999

My Llama Report

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Llamas live in Bolivia, Peru, and Chile.  They eat grasses and leaves.  A llama has two toes on each foot.  A llama can weigh about 300 to 450 pounds.  They are great with children.  Do not get them angry because they might spit at you.

December 16, 1999

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January 7, 2000

Why Bunnies Don't Swim

A long time ago bunnies played in the water.  There was a bunny named Fluffy.  Fluffy did not like to go swimming because she was too scared because she thought there were sea monsters in the sea.  Her mother said, "There are no sea monsters."  But little bunny said, "Yes."  But her mother said, "No."  But there were sea monsters in the sea and all the bunnies got eaten.  And that is why bunnies don't go swimming.

March 24, 2000

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April 6, 2000


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S is for sharks that play all day

H is for the hungry sharks that hunt all day

A is for an angry shark

R is for reach for their food

K is to keep the ocean clean

S is for the pointy spikes on a shark's back

May 12, 2000

My Escape from the Great White Shark

When I went diving with sharks I saw a Whale Shark and took a ride on its back.  Five minutes later I saw a Great White Shark.  It looked right into my eyes and charged right at me.   I tried to swim away but I was too scared.  Finally I was not that scared so I swam and swam.  When it was gone I saw an 8 foot hammer right in front of me.  I was shocked, and in a blink of an eye it was gone.

June 8, 2000