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My Second Grade Memories

I remember when we learned all about whales, wolves, sharks, dinosaurs, birds and all other things. It was a lot of fun. When we were learning about whales we went on a virtual whale watch on the computer and got to pretend that we were on a real one. It was also fun when we learned about sharks because we got to see Mrs. Silverman diving with the sharks on tape. I liked when we learned about wolves. We learned that there are three main ranks. These are the alphas, the betas, and the omegas. Plus I remember when we did dinosaurs. It was very cool because we got to color a part of a dinosaur mural we are putting together. But let's skip all of that stuff. My teacher is very nice to me and I am going to miss her a lot.

Sometimes I Feel Like a Wolf

Sometimes I feel like a wolf. Sometimes I feel like an alpha when I boss my two brothers around. Because when I want to play something I make my brothers play with me. Sometimes I feel like an omega when my brothers boss me around. Sometimes I feel like a beta because I am second in command. That is cool.

Drenched and Dry

Today in class we did a science experiment. It was on penguins because we are learning about penguins this week. First we colored the penguin on paper. Next we sprinkled water on both of the cat and penguin. Then after that we felt it and the penguin was dry and the cat was wet. Now we are writing a summary.

The Most Important Thing of ALL


Have wings and can fly
Build nests so they can have babies
Eat insects
But the most important thing of all...
Is that they sing very pretty.

Russian Building

My Favorite Part of Stone Fox

My favorite part is when Willy wanted to win the race. He was in the lead when it happened. When he was by the finish line Searchlight stopped. She fell down to the ground and died. Willy was very sad. Stone Fox picked up Searchlight, and Willy won the money.

The Magic Shark

Once upon a time there was a shark. On a Monday afternoon a little girl named Brittany went under water to see sharks. When she saw a white tip shark she was scared but she knew that she shouldn't panic. Then to her surprise she saw the shark turn into a frog. Then she asked him how he turned into a frog and he told her that when he was swimming a little witch came by an cast a spell on him. So she asked the witch to turn the shark back to a shark and she did. The shark asked the witch if he could have a look at the wand. So he took it from the witch and ate it.

The End

The Girl Who Loved Horses

I would like to live with the horses because they are very, very, very pretty. I like to brush their fur and ride them. If I were a horse I would run really, really fast.

I am thankful for food because if we did not have any we would starve. I am thankful for apples because they are really sweet. I am thankful for grapes because they can make medicine. I am thankful for peaches because they grow on trees. I am thankful for oranges because you can cut them in a lot of pieces. I am thankful for pears because whey they are ripe they are juicy.

Dear Bats,
Please forgive me for thinking you are bad and waking you in your cave. I am very sorry. I will try not to wake you up again.

Watermelon Math

Today we did watermelon math. It was a lot of fun. We ate the watermelon. We counted the seeds. We did the graph last.

click here for graph


Hi, I am Alexis. My favorite things to do is ready, play with Alis, go in my pool, ride my bike, play on my playset, and watch tv. I am the oldest of three children. Travis is four and Connor is 18 months. I hope I will learn a lot and have fun in my second grade class.