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My Second Grade Memories

When I first stepped in 2nd grade, I was so excited to have a teacher with 8 computers in her class. Here are some of the units we studied: Apples, watermelons,sharks, bears, wolves, bats, whales, fairytales, Christopher Columbus, human body, Black History, China, Greece, Russia, Africa, penguins, endangered animals, Winter Wonderland, Stellaluna's Friends, chocolate, dinosaurs, plants, South America, Mayans, Aztecs, Mexico, volcanoes, Martin Luther King Jr., presidents, and we'll be learning about ice cream. Where we were learning about apples, I found out that they are very good for your health. When we learned about watermelons, we did watermelon math, it was yummy!
When we were studying about sharks, I fould out that they eat the sick and wounded fishes. Then we learned that the largest bear was about seven feet tall. We also learned that there are three ranks of the packs of wolves, the Alpha, the Beta, and the Omega.
Then we learned about fairytales. I learned about a few of them. Then we learned about bats. They keep the mosquito population under control.
Then we learned about whales. The Ocra whale is my favorite. Then we learned about birds. I like their beautiful feathers. When we talked about the Revolutionary War, I learned that Virginia fought against England. Then we learned about Native Americans. Long ago they didn't all live in tepees. Then we learned about Christopher Columbus, that when he came to an island that belonged to the Native Americans, the Native Americans honored him, but he killed them off.
Then we learned about the human body. I learned that if you smoke it causes damage to your lungs. When we did Black History I learned a lot about Harriet Tubman. When we learned about China, we had Chinese food.
We learned about penguins. My favorite one is the Galapagos. Then we learned about Greece. Russia was another country we learned about. Mrs. Silverman read lost of stories about Russia. When we learned about endangered animals we found out that the Blue Whale is the largest whale in the ocean.
Part Two
Our first project we did on the Internet was "An Apple a Day." It was fun! Our second Internet project was "Winter Wonderland." Without that project we wouldn't know what "Stone Fox" was. Then we did "Stellaluna's Friends," so we can educate people about bats.
Part Three
When I said I had a teacher with 8 computers, I meant Mrs. Silverman, to me, she is the best teacher in the world. I never want to leave 2nd grade. It was so much fun!
Part Four
One of my best friends is Alyssa. We spent wonderful times together along with Deanna, my other best friend, since kindergarten. Ashley, my other best friend, without her we wouldn't have won the science fair.
Part Five
Kid Pix was my favorite thing to do on the computer. I like it very much. Oh! And one more thing. Goodbye 2nd grade and good luck!
Thank you all (Mrs. Silverman and my friends) for the most wonderful memories and experience we had shared.

My Life in the 1800's

If I lived in the 1800's I would probably get whipped 100 times a day! The reason why is because I always fidget around. No matter what the rules are, I always, fidget. The other reason why I would get whipped is because I don't wake up on time to do chores. God, why do I have to do chores! "Whack! That's what you get!" my dad would say. Oh do I hate the 1800's! How are the 50's? Well, now you know that I hate the 1800's. The End

Sometimes I Feel Like A Wolf

Sometimes I feel like an omega because my older cousins pick on me. Sometimes I feel like an alpha because everybody lets me do whatever I want. And sometimes I feel like a beta because everybody treats me normal.

The Underground Railroad

It was a long time ago when Harriet Tubman asked me to escape. She said, "Do you want to escape?" I simply said, "Yes." So I went with her. No sooner did we reach Canada. I was relieved to be free.

The Magic Kente

One day dad came home with a special cloth. He gave it to his daughter so she could make clothes for the dog. So she made clothes for the dog. When she was done she put the kente around the dog and then all of a sudden the dog spoke! She was so scared that she ran away. She told her dad. And her dad told the police. The police knew that they would never figure it out.

Super Shark

Once there was a shark who was really strong. When he was ten years old his parents let him out on his own. For years he had a big problem. He just couldn't survive so he died. Everyone wondered where he was. Everyone was unhappy.

Saturday Sancocho

The story Saturday Sancocho was about this girl and her grandma and grandpa who needed more food. The only thing they have is eggs so they went to the market to trade other kinds of foods. At the market they found other great kinds of foods. And then they found plantains. They bartered four eggs for plantains. I liked the story. After the story we kind of bartered a little ourselves.

Bears eat honey
They don't eat money
Bears climb trees
And they get bothered by the bees.

Sometimes I Feel

Sometimes I feel like a bear
I am scared of climbing a tree
I think I will get stuck by a bee.

Watermelon Math

Our class had watermelon math. First we had a slice of watermelon. Then we counted the seeds. Then we made a histogram and marked the graph to see which one had the most fillups.

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My name is Andromahi. My family is from Greece. My Dad is a baker, his name is George. My mom, Katerina, is working in Dr. Beckerman's office, at High School. I love Greece, it's a very beautiful place and I go there every year. I love swimming, bike riding, playing with my friends, reading stories, watch TV, Help my Mom with cooking and baking.
I take tap lessons, and last year I did iceskating. I go to the Greek School, and I am in 3rd grade. My best friend is Deanna and I am glad we will be together again. I cannot wait to start school.