Save Our Earth

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suealice/smearth.gif (9321 bytes) Mrs. Long's First Grade Class suealice/smearth.gif (9321 bytes)

How can you save our Earth?
Plant trees.
Clean up schools.
Recycle cans and bottles.
Pick up garbage.

by Jennifer S.

Save our earth.
Clean our earth.
Read about Earth.
Now Earth is beautiful.

by Kaitlin M.

This bird is looking for a worm.   Quietly he flies down.  He catches the worm for her babies, to keep her babies alive.  Save the babies.  Save the worms.  Save everything that needs help.

by Kenda G.

You should take care of the earth because now you are killing Mother Nature.  We are not very happy about this.

by Danielle C.

I don't like how people chop down trees.
And I don't like when garbage is on the beach.
I don't like when fish die.

by Mohammed A.

Save our bees.
Save our trees.
Save our rainforests.

by Daniel W.

Nature is beautiful.  You shouldn't kill the ocean because fish are dying.

by Lauren B.

Get people together and get them to make a garbage hunt.  Put the garbage in a garbage pail.   Recycle if you can.

by Tracy H.

You can save our Earth by planting new trees and you can clean our water and our air.

by Amanda F.

People throw garbage on beaches.   Fish are dying.  We have got to get people together to clean our beaches.

by Amanda M.

suealice/smearth.gif (9321 bytes)Mrs. Schumacher's First Grade Class suealice/smearth.gif (9321 bytes)
Save the water for our fish and other animals.  Save birds, squirrels, raccoons, and deer, and bears.  Please don't pollute and don't harm animals and plant flowers to save the earth.  Save the trees and plants.

by Ken K.

The earth is for us.  Bees are good for the flowers.  We wouldn't be here if the earth wasn't here.  Don't pollute our earth.  I want the earth to be clean.  Please clean our earth!

by Diane K.

I love the flowers.  I love the animals.  Once I picked up the garbage and the leaves.  I love the earth and Mom and Dad so I want it to be clean.  I can save the earth.

by Kyle P.

The earth is special.  It would be nice of us to keep it clean.

by John D.

I save the earth and clean up the earth.  I love the earth, leaves and the grass too.  You can clean up the earth today.

by Amanda S.

I hope you clean the earth.   If you don't you can make the oxygen go blank.  Because we need oxygen to live especially kids like me.

by Colleen B.

I think the earth is important because the earth gives us food.  And food is important because we eat it.

by K.J. C.

Don't pollute the earth.   Recycle cans.  If people keep cutting down trees we won't have much air to breathe.  It is bad to pollute.

by Cody S.

suealice/smearth.gif (9321 bytes)Ms. Cobb's Second Grade Classsuealice/smearth.gif (9321 bytes)

fast, slow,
fly, eat, nest,
like to eat worms

Save them please
Don't cut down trees
Where they nest!

by David R.

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green, pretty,
sway, grow, spread
their leaves turn green
plant, save the trees by watering
do not chop them down

by Gia

cute, colorful
fly, eat, play
Save The Cute Birds
Don't cut down trees
They nest in trees

by Calvin D.

black and white
killer whales
big as my house
glide in the ocean
getting extinct
save the whales
don't pollute the water
don't kill them
and don't kill their food

by Lauren D.

Dogs say ruff,
Dogs chase cats,
Some dogs are watch dogs,
Dogs eat meat.
Save the dogs
Feed them,
Give them a home,
Put them near a fireplace
Give them toys to play with.

by Marie-Anne H.

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Orange and black stripes,
a camouglaged animal,
a cool looking thing,
hunted for its skin.
Save the tigers,
Stop hunting them

by John G.

pretty good smelling
grow eat drink
are my favorite things
Save the flowers
Don't litter
Keep the forest pretty

by Alison

Puppies that are very cute,
rabbits that hop and hop,
birds that fly-some slow
some fast
Save the Earth,
Keep the water clean,
Plant trees,
Plant plants
Walk more.

by Megan L.

Kind, mean,
Flying, walking, running,
Help the sick ones
Save them by making more wildlife

by Eric T.

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suealice/smearth.gif (9321 bytes) Mrs. Sullivan's Second Grade Class suealice/smearth.gif (9321 bytes)
To help save the earth we can recycle cans and bottles.  We can keep the earth clean.  We can recycle garbage.   Trees can help the air.  No dumping garbage in the sea.  No littering on the earth.  And if you see garbage on the street or in the sea you should not do that because that is not good for the earth.  We should recycle only the right bottles and cans.  And we should respect the earth.

by Ariana P.

I wish that people would not litter.  All cars should be clean so we can have fresh air.  People should recycle.  We should not cut down trees because trees give us air.  People should not dump garbage in the ocean.  People should respect the earth.

by Jerrard