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My Second Grade Memories

Hi! My name is Ashley. Do you want to hear my second grade memories? I remember the first site my class and I put on the Internet. It was called "An Apple a Day." Then we put up another site called "Winter Wonderland." My teacher read us a chapter book called "Stone Fox." My favorite site is "Stellaluna's Friends."
Now I'm going to tell you about my teacher Mrs. Silverman. Mrs. Silverman went all over the world. She has two children and a wonderful husband. I and everyone call him Mr. Silverman. Mrs. Silverman's two children are Rachel and Gary.
Mrs. Silverman taught us about sharks. Some sharks are endangered. Now I'm going to give you facts about whales. There are two types of whales, a no teeth and teeth whales. Here is a tooth whale's name. The name is called Killer Whale, but don't worry. They do not eat people.


Do you eat grass all the time?
How many teeth do you have?
I have a lot of flat teeth!!
I don't eat grass all the time.
How sharp are your thumbs?
They are very, very sharp!!

The Most Important Thing of All

Have their own kind of language
Build nests to lay eggs
Babies chirp for food
Eat all kinds of bugs (yuk)
But the most important thing of all...
Is they are ovoviviparous and not viviparous.

The Underground Railroad

One foggy night I escaped from my master. I followed the North Star. I called it the "Drinking Gord." I walked all the way to the first station. They let me in. I was staying in a church. The priest told me to go in the bathroom and wash up. He gave me clean clothes to wear. I said, "Thank you priest." Then he gave me food to eat. I ate nervously. The next night the priest put me in a coffin on the back of a wagon. Then the driver took me to the second station and dropped me off. I was hidden in a stable. Then they gave me a drink and some food. Then the farmer's wife gave me a pillow and a soft warm blanket. The next night I set off on a fast horse. This took me to the third station. I sent the horse back and a guy said, "Here, stay in my wagon under this blanket." Then we went off to the fourth station! Finally I got to Canada. I was free.


Dear Nono,
I heard that you afre afraid of spiders. But you don't have to be afraid of them. They won't harm you at all. Just check your shoes and bed.

I have glow-in-the dark green eyes.
I am soft.
I give milk to my young.
I catch mice and other rodents.
Who am I?

Guess and Click

Sometimes I Feel

Sometimes I feel like a bear
Lazy on the boat
Waiting for a very big, big, big, fish.

Watermelon Math

Today we did watermelon math. We ate watermelon today. We spit out the black seeds and counted them. We asked each child how many seeds they had and marked it on a histogram. A watermelon is a vegetable.

click here for graph


My name is Ashley. My birthday is 2/25/90. I like to do science. I saw bald eagles on Sunday. Blue is my favorite color. I am 7 and a half. I can ride my 2 wheeler.