Bonnie's Home Page

My Second Grade Memories

I remember "An Apple a Day." I learned a lot about apples. It was fun. I'm going to miss my friends. I want to go back to the beginning. I remember bats. Me and my friend are going to miss each other a lot. I learned a lot about bats. We even adopted a bat. I remember endangered animals. It was so much fun. I am going to miss my class and Mrs. Silverman.


Let me tell you some facts about Mexico. The most important food is corn. They eat tortillas, beans, tacos, and tomatos. When you go to a fiesta you will see masks, costumes, and piñatas. There are different sports in Mexico like soccer, football, and bullfights. There are different kinds of animals like roosters, prairie dogs, lizards, snakes, gray whales, and jaguars.

Sometimes I Feel Like an Alpha Wolf

Sometimes I feel like an alpha wolf because I am in charge. It is fun being in charge. Sometimes I feel like an omega wolf when my sister picks on me. Sometimes I feel like a beta wolf taking care of my brothers.

Deborah Sampson's Life

Deborah Sampson dressed up like a boy because she wanted to be in the war. Deborah got shot in the head and was taken to the hospital. And she left the hospital before she was ready to. Then she needed shoes but she did not have enough money. And she was bleeding so she got sent to the hospital again. This time they found out she was a girl. But they let her go. She helped the patriots win the Revolutionary War.

Stone Fox

Dear Mr. Gardiner,
My favorite part is when Willy won the race. I loved Searchlight. Why did Searchlight have to die?
Your fan,

Hammerhead Sharks

The Great Hammerhead is greenish brown with a white underside. It lives mostly in shallow reefs in warm water. It eats bony fish, squid, crabs, and sometimes smaller sharks. It has eyes located on each of it's head. It has nostrils next to it's eyes. It moves it's head from side to side when it swims.

Flipper The Magic Shark

One day a baby shark was born. His name was Flipper. One day people were killing sharks. Flipper lost his mom. He knocked on somebody's door. He accidently knocked on his uncle's door. His uncle noticed his face and gave Flipper magic. Flipper became a magic shark. He saved all the sharks and found his mom. And he lived happily ever after.


When bears are little they are called cubs. Women bears are called females. Men bears are called males.


I have 2 pets. Can you guess what they are? They are a dog and a hamster. My dog is named Miko and my hamster is named Fluff. I have two brothers and one sister and a mother and father. My sister is nine and my brother is 3 and a half. My other brother is 1 and I am 6. My dad is a fireman. We live in a nice house. I live in Port Jefferson Station.