Brittany's Home Page

My Second Grade Memories

Let me tell you about my experience in second grade. We learned about a lot of things. One of my favorite things was chocolate. When we learned about chocolate we watched "Willy Wonka." We ate chocolate pudding.
We also learned about wolves too. We saw a great movie called "Never Cry Wolf." We also learned about bats. We wrote apology letters to the bats. We made a web site on bats. It is called "Stellaluna's Friends."
We also went to the sharing event with the Long Island Team. That was one of the best field trips I ever had.
I have done a lot of great things this year. I love the computers. I love doing Kid Pix and the Amazing Writing Machine.


Come with me and you will see and learn a lot about Mexico. A Mexican party is called a fiesta. Mexicans have a great time at fiestas. They love to break open piñatas. In Mexico the most popular sport is soccer. They call it football. The most important food is corn. They also have tortillas with every meal. Beans and tacos are also a favorite food.

Drenched and Dry

Today in class we did a science experiment. First we colored the penguin. But we did not color the cat. We sprinkled them both. The cat got wet but the penguin did not. To do this project you have to use wax crayons and water. At the end we found out that penguins stay dry because they have a special oil that keeps them dry. But for the cat, he got drenched! This was a lot of fun. Well, by for now.

A Building in Russia

The Day My Teacher Met a Shark

One day there was a girl named Alexis. She wanted to dive with the sharks so she did. Then people came and started hurting the sharks to make shark fin soup. But the sharks tricked the people and got the people stuck in a shark cage.
The End

Dear Bats,
I am sorry for destroying your habitat. If I could stop it I would. We are sorry for putting you on the endangered list.

Saturday Sancocho

Today we read a book. It was called Saturday Sanchocho. At first they wanted to make sancocho. But they were so poor that they only had eggs. So they took the eggs to market and traded. They traded for vegetables. And they made stew. Mrs. Silverman gave us a bag with something in it. Then she gave us an empty bag. We asked some of our classmates if they wanted to trade. When we were done we got to eat it.

Sometimes I Feel

Sometimes I feel like a bear
Scared of people I don't know
And hoping they don't hurt me.

Today math was yummy. We ate watermelon. And we spit out the seeds. Then we made a histogram. A watermelon is a vegetable. It is delicious.


I am 7 years old. My birthday is May 6th, 1990. My family is the best, I love my family a whole lot and they love me. My sister Krista is two she is very funny she makes me laugh. My favorite hobby is gymnastics. I am on the gymnastics team. I also enjoy swiming,tap dancing, and playing with my friends. My Mom and I have an organic garden. I also like to collect coins from all over the world. I am looking foward to school.