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My Second Grade Memories

I liked learning about wolves because I learned how they keep the population of other animals under control. I liked learning about sharks. My favorite shark is the Great White Shark. When we learned about endangered animals we saw the movie "Born Free." I loved learning about whales. I learned that whales used to be land animals. We made a site called "An Apple a Day." An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

Drenched and Dry

Today in clas we did a science experiment. First we colored the penguin and did not color the cat. Then we sprinkled the penguin and the cat. Then we saw how a penguin keeps dry. The cat ripped. We were learning about penguins. We learned they stay dry when they go swimming because they have wax.

Why Shark's Have Fins

Why do shark's have fins? They had tails a long time ago. A shark was swimming in the water. A motorboat went over his tail and he lost it. He was given a tail that was called a fin. That day on no one ever saw a shark with a tail again.

The Star Maiden

by Barbara Juster Esbensen

Self Portrait


My name is Christian. I am seven years old. I live with my mom, my dad, one brother and two sisters. My favorite place to visit is my grandparents' house. My favorite video to watch is Disneyland Fun. This year I want to play basketball and make many new friends.