Christina's Home Page

My Second Grade Memories

The first time when I was in the classroom Mrs. Silverman was being funny with out letters on the bus. Then we learned about sharks. It was fun. Then we learned about bats. I learned about all the different kinds of bats. I like Mrs. Silverman a lot because she saw a lot of things around the world and I do not want to leave her.


The Olmec civilization was advanced in many ways. About 200,000 people lived in Teotihuacan ("City of the Gods"). There are many animals in Mexico. Boys wear sombreros so the sun won't get in their eyes.

I am thankful for God because he gives us trees and food. I am thankful for the trees because they give us air. I am thankful for maps because they tell us where to go. I am thankful for my eyes because they help me see. I am thankful for the world because you can travel all over. I am thankful for my mom and dad because they love me. I am thankful for my sister because she loves me.

Watermelon Puppet

We made a watermelon puppet in our class. It was fun. I wish the watermelon puppet was real because I like the way it came out. I named my puppet Jessie. I took it home and showed my mom.


My name is Christina. I like going to a carnival and I would like to have a kitten.