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My Second Grade Memories

In second grade I had a lot of memories and I am going to tell you about them. On my first day of school I was a little scared. When Mrs. Silverman started to teach I felt better. Throughout the school year we learned and we had fun too. One of my favorite things that we did was learn about different animals and countries. Mrs. Silverman is the best. I love her. Mrs. Silverman also taught us about computers. That was fun too. I have a best friend in the class named Brianna. We are like sisters. Next year I am going to Terryville and Brianna is not so we promised never to get a new best friend.
In Mrs. Silverman's class there are lots of things hanging up. When we learned about Russia I liked it because it was very interesting. I thought the buildings were so pretty. I also liked China. We had Chinese food while Mrs. Silverman burned incense. My favorite animal that we learned about are bats. Did you know that some bats actually help us by pollinating? Well, I have more memories but I'm afraid I have so much I can not tell you all of them.

Little Bear's Visit

Author-Else Homeland Minark

In the book, "Little Bear's Visit," Little Bear went to his grandmother and grandfather's house. When he got there, he wanted grandfather to tell him a story. Grandfather told Little Bear to get his pipe first, but when he got back, grandfather was sleeping. So, Little Bear went in the garden to ask grandmother bear if she could tell him a story. Little Bear found her and asked her to tell hims a story. So grandmother bear did. She told him about mother bear and a robin. When grandmother bear was done, grandfather told Little Bear a gremlin story too. After the story, he cuddled up on the couch and closed his eyes. When Little Bear's Mom and Dad came back to pick Little Bear up, Little Bear was not really sleeping. He heard everything they said about him. When Little Bear's father said, "Tomorrow Little Bear and I are going fishing. "Fishing?" Little Bear said, "Really?" "Oh, Little Bear, you have been awake all along." Little Bear chuckled and then they left. That is my report.

Sometimes I Feel Like a Wolf

Sometimes I feel like an omega wolf because my brother and sisters pick on me. I also feel like a beta wolf. Sometimes when my sister and I babysit my other sister, I am second in command. That is because my older sister is first in command. And I never feel like an alpha wolf.

Drenched and Dry

Today in class we did a science experiment. We first colored the penguin but we did not color the cat. Then we took some water and sprinkled it on the penguin and the cat. When we held the paper up, the water dripped off the cat and did not drip off the penguin.

The water stayed on the penguin because the penguin has oil on it's tail. I can tell we all had fun, even I had fun. The objects that used were:
1. crayons
2. water
The crayon had the oil in it.


Foxy Loxy is so sly. He was last seen in his cave. He has brown eyes and pointy ears. He has 8 children and a wife. He can still remember the great dinner that he had!

A Report About a Hammerhead Shark

What does it look like?
The Hammerhead's head looks like it was pounded flat. The eyes are squashed out to the sides of the head. It has a cigar-shaped body and a long, powerful tail.

Where does it live?
Hammerhead sharks are found in all the seas of the world. Most live in warm waters, some in fresh water.

What does it eat?
Hammerheads eat bony fishes, squid, shrimps, and lobsters. They even eat stingrays and sharks of their own kind.

Other Interesting facts about this shark:
The Hammerhead shark is one of the most dangerous of all sharks. But no sharks look for human flesh as food.

Why Sharks Have Fins

Once there was a shark who wanted a fin like his friend Orka. But his mom said you're a shark. You don't need a fin. But mom he said I really want a fin. So the shark went to his friend Orca's house and said Orka how did you get a fin? I was born with a fin. Could you make me a fin out of seaweed? I will try said Orca. And Orca did. It was beautiful and that's how the sharks got fins.


Most adult bears can't climb trees, only cubs can. I like bears, especially teddy bears because they give the best hugs.

Sometimes I Feel

Sometimes I feel like a bear
Happy when I'm playing with my mom and dad.

Watermelon Math

Our class did watermelon math today. We ate watermelon. Then we counted the seeds. And then we made a graph. I had a lot of fun.

click here for graph


Hi! My name is Dana. I am very excited to go to second grade. You may remember my sister Kristie from last year. My brother Thomas is going to sixth grade and my sister Jodie is going to kindergarten. I also have a cat named Sassie. I like to go to the movies, act, watch T.V. and go to my Grandma's house!