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My Second Grade Memories

Hi, I'd like to tell you about Mrs. Silverman. She's a nice teacher. We did a lot of fun things this year. We went on field trips, and did cool units like Greece, bats, and whales. My favorite whale is the orca, but I love all animals in the sea and on land. This is one of the best years of my life. I am upset that I am not going to Clinton next year. Bye Mrs. Silverman and bye Clinton Elementary.
I hope the first graders have as much fun next year as I did this year. A lot more units were done this year like Russia, sharks, and birds. When we learned about sharks we went to cool sites and read cool books. But my favorite thing this year was the Internet. Thanks to Mrs. Silverman I improved my computer skills. I like when she e-mails me. She is very nice to me. My friends are Alyssa, Andromahi, Lisa, Brianna, Brittany, Christina E., Kristina P., Alexis, Kaitlin, and Lauren. I had enough fun to last me for years.

Dracula Doesn't Drink Lemonade

By Debby Dadey and Marcia Thornton Jones

This story is about a man that a group of kids thought was Dracula. He had pale skin, two sharp teeth and was afraid of light and mirrors. He acted strange for a school counselor. His name even resembled Count Dracula:Counselor Drake...C.D.
At first nobody believed Howie but due to the clues such as the mirror phobia and pale face they finally did. All except Eddie, a tough-talking bully with a nice heart. Eddie said Dracula was only in the movies and television.
Later on in the story Drake had to go back to his homeland. He said good-bye to everyone. The kids realized that he was nice and wasn't a vampire. Well, after all...DRACULA DOESN'T DRINK LEMONADE
I liked this story because it was funny and had good illustrations. You can find Baily City books in your local library and store. I recommend this one.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

"Happy Birthday," said Deanna, as she took out a large box. "Why does it say "dino fun box" on it?" asked Dad. "Watch and learn," she said. As she pulled a ripcord Dad stared in shock, as balloons filled the room. Dad saw a dinosaur, No, 2 dinosaurs...3, 4, 5 wait more! TEN dinosaurs! Dad caught Mom as she fainted. "That was fun," said dad. Happy Birthday, Dad!!!

Sometimes I Feel Like an Omega

Sometimes I feel like an omega. All my cousins pick on me. Sometimes I feel like an alpha, because my family treats me like I am 25. Sometimes I feel like a lone wolf too. But I like being a beta best because I like being a sister and a pup!

Drenched and Dry

Today we did an experiment in class. It proved that penguins don't get wet. Here are the things we did. We used two pages of paper, water and crayons (They have wax). Then we colored the page. But we did not color the cat. Then we sprinkled the water on both the penguin and cat. The penguin was dry. The cat was drenched. It was fun. The wax comes from the penguin's tail.

The Underground Railroad

It was a hot day. I was a slave. Harrriet Tubman was helping me hide. My master was looking for me. I was terrified and was shivering. When night came I set off for Canada. I was scared I'd get caught. Finally I got to the station. Terrified I got to Canada. Then a big war came. The north won. Now I'm together with my family.

Super Shark

Lois Shark and Clark were working on a mystery. Gold was stolen from the emperor. They worked very hard. Swishfish had come. (He's the emperor). Your highness they said. Find it quickly please. Five hours later they found it. Now to catch the robber! Oh! A clue said Lois. Wait Lois! This is a job for.....Super Shark! OK, here's the plan. When I tell you to you grab him. Here he comes! It's Seaweed Man! I thought he was in jail.
The End

I give thanks for the sun for giving daylight and for my mom and dad for the love and care they give me. I give thanks for God who keeps us healthy and alive. I give thanks for shelter to live in. I give thanks for books that teach us U.S. history and about long ago. I give thanks for food that has vitamins and for pizza that is yummy. Also for Long Island where I live.

Dear Thumbelina,
I know you're afraid of spiders because they are so big. They are not really big. You're just so, so small. Don't be afraid. They eat annoying insects.

Sometimes I Feel

Sometimes I feel like a bear
Terribly furious
Because my sister ate all the strawberries.

Watermelon Math

Today we did a histogram with watermelon. We counted the seeds. I had 17 in mine. It was yummy.

Self Portrait


My name is Deanna. I like to draw, watch movies and read books. My favorite movie is "Matilda". See you in September.