Eric's Home Page

My Second Grade Memories

Part 1

Hi! I would like to tell you about Mrs. Silverman. She's the best teacher a kid could ever have. My five favorite things we learned are sharks, wolves, watermelon, chocolate, and China. But my favorite was chocolate. Because we got to see "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory." Mrs. Silverman taught me about computers. I learned how to type things in to get information.

Part 2

It was fun doing watermelon math and yummy. Black History was fun and so was Famous Americans.

My Life in the 1800's

Every Sunday morning I eat a cold breakfast. Then I dress in my best clothing and walk to church no matter what the weather is. I can't even smile or laugh, not even turn my head. Oh yeah I forgot my name, it's Eric.

Drenched and Dry

Today in class we did a science experiment. It was very fun. We used paper and crayons. The penguins stayed dry. The cat was drenched. I learned penguins have wax and cats don't. We colored the penguin and not the cat. It was exciting.

Bird Poem

Birds fly way up high
Please don't fall my oh my!
Birds lay eggs in their nests,
They're lucky, they don't have to take tests.
There are different types of birds, like the Robin,
And like Woody Woodpecker who keeps on bobin.
Birds have lots of teachers on each wing,
And some of them like to sing.

An Interview With Deborah Sampson

Interviewer: When you went to the hospital were you scared?
Deborah: Yes, I was.
Interviewer: When you had bloody feet did it sting?
Deborah: No, it didn't.
Interviewer: Did you want to be free?
Deborah: Yes, I did.
Interviewer: When you got shot did it hurt?
Deborah: Yes, it did.
Interviewer: When you joined the army were you scared?
Deborah: No, I wasn't.

The Girl Who Loved Horses

I would want to live with the wild horses. Because they are nice and fun and I love horses. Because they run fast and they are cute to me.

Dear Bats,
I am so sorry for putting you animals on the endangered list. I will find out more about bats.


This is a bear
He is covered with hair
It keeps him from getting cold
He can fight day or night
Until he gets too old.


Hi! My name is Eric. I am 7 years old. I live with my mom, dad, sister, and my dog Bear. I live in Port Jefferson Station. One of the best things I like to do in the summer is going to my grandpa's pool. My best movies this summer were Spawn and Men in Black. They were action movies.