Erik's Home Page

My Second Grade Memories

My most favorite thing that we did was sharks and wolves. I like that sharks cannot get diseases. And the wolves keep the population in control and that they go after the sick ones and the healthy ones can stay alive. My three favorite foods are chocolate, apples, and ice cream too. I like when we got to do experiments with paper towels. We wet them to see which paper towels absorbed the most water.
It is bad that I cannot stay at Clinton Avenue. I will miss Mrs. Silverman and the computers too. I am starting to like the computers a lot. I like Mrs. Silverman because she was very fun and I like when she showed me how to use Kid Pix.


I am Gigantosaurus
I speak of danger
I am the largest carnivore
I eat and kill
I take a very large bite
And then I watch it bleed to death.

Sometimes I Feel Like an Alpha

Sometimes I feel like an alpha because sometimes they let me be the boss of the home for a day. Sometimes I feel like a wolf because I can eat on my own. And I can play alone.

If I Lived in the 1770's

If I lived in the 1770's I would have been a patriot because I would like to be in the war to fight for my freedom and other people's freedom. They would call me a sharp shooter because I am a good shooter. I would try to help other people.

Abraham Lincoln's Cabin

The Nurse Shark

One time a nurse shark was swimming in the ocean and he saw a diver who was cutting off shark fins so he swam away to hide in a cave. Then he saw a school of fish and had a nice meal.

Dear Bats,
I am sorry that people disturbed you when you were sleeping. They ruined your habitat and hurt you.

I am a reptile.
I have scales.
I have no feet.
Who am I?

Guess and Click


Hi! My name is Erik S. I live with my mom and dad and six pets. My favorite is my dog Cognac. I also have a fish, guinea pig and three horses. I enjoy motorcycle riding and fishing.