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My Second Grade Memories

Hi! My name is Glenn and these are my second grade memories. I remember the unit on wolves. It was really fun. Sharks were fun too. We saw videos about sharks. The Great White Shark is my favorite shark. I liked dinosaurs. It was my favorite unit. Some dinosaurs had two hearts. We learned about Christopher Columbus. By the way he did not discover America! I liked birds. They are neat to me. I like Mrs. Silverman a lot. I like her so much I cannot leave her. She is a really good teacher. I go on Kid Pix on the computer.

Dolly Meets a Dinosaur

One day there was a doll. Her name was Dolly. She came to life one day. Dolly met a dinosaur!!!!! Ahhhhhh...I'm being CHASED!!!!! Dolly screamed!!! Then Dolly ran away and she tripped and died. The End

All About Mexico

In Mexico they like tacos. In Mexico the most important food is corn. There are jungles in Mexico. Spain tried to take over Mexico. Cortez tried to take their gold and silver.

Drenched and Dry

Today in class we did a science experiment. We colored a penguin. And put water on it and it did not rip. We did not color the cat and it ripped. It was a lot of fun. We learned the penguin had wax on it and it did not get wet.


The Most Important Thing

Have feathers
Build nests
Eat worms
But the most important thing about birds...
Is eating insects

Super Shark

One day a shark was guarding a bank and a fish stole some money and ran off. But the shark caught him!

Star Maiden

If I were a Star Maiden I would become a star so I could fly. I would like to see the world.

I am thankful for my fish because he keeps me company. I am thankful for my friends because I like to play. I am thankful for my slotcar because I like slotcar racing. I am thankful for the food we eat so I can live.

Dear Jacklyn,
Do not be afraid of spiders. They eat poisonous insects. Do don't be afraid of spiders.
Your brother Glenn

G hosts flying around my house
H alloween is the time ghosts come out
O h my !!!!
S cary
T errified

Glenn created this in Kid Pix Studio.


sad, mad
happy, grouchy, grumpy
big, hungry


Hi! My name is Glenn. I like soccer. I have a pet fish named Rockin Roll. I have nintendo! Bye!