On this page you will some of the cooperative work that we did in class.

W hite and gray hair
I nventing magic brew
T witching noses
C ackling a lot
H ating the graveyard
E verywhere they go they bring a black cat
S cary as can be!

Hee Hee!

by Kaitlin and Alyssa

H appy Halloween!
A lways having lost of fun
L ooney costumes
L ooking funny
O h my gosh!
W itches flying all around
E very year we have Halloween
E very Halloween we see ghosts flying
N ow we trick or treat
by Alis and Alexis

Who Am I?

by Alyssa and Dana

I am a mammal.
I breath out of a blowhole.
I live in the ocean.

Guess and Click

Who Am I?

by Brianna and Brittany

I am furry.
I hop around.
I'm a mammal.

Guess and Click

An Owl's Life

by Alyssa, Brittany, Deanna, Andromahi, Christina, Lauren, and Alexis

Dedicated to Mrs. Silverman and our friend Dana M.

Narrator: There once was an owl who had three chicks. They lived very peacefully until one night. A strange looking poacher and his son came to shoot owl and other creatures of the night.

Poacher (whispers): Shh! There's an owl! It would be nice to hang it by my fireplace!

Poacher's Son (whispers): Yes! Daddy-O!

Narrator: So, the poacher and his son got ready to aim and fire at the mother and father owls.

Poacher: Ready...aim...FIRE!

Father Owl: WATCH OUT!

(shots are fired)

Mother Owl (takes a deep breath): I hope the kids are alright.

Narrator: The poor mother and father owl died after that. It was so quiet you could hear the baby chicks cry.

Owlet #1: Where's mommy?

Owlet #2: Where's daddy?

Owlet #3: There's a hot air balloon!

Narrator: So, in the owlets' new hot air balloon they headed straight for a haunted house, and when they got there they met a strange rat.

Owlet #3: AH! A giant mouse!


So, the baby chicks got out, and on their way they sang a song, and it went just like this...

Owlets (singing): We're scouting for a home, we're scouting for a home, we're scouting for a home, we're scouting...for...a...home!

Owlet#3: We're scouting!

Narrator: As they landed a big fat ugly crow came and tried to peck at them. A big crow pecked at the owlets.

Narrator: After the crow left they were tired and restless. But not for long, because a mother owl who wasn't their real mother came along to adopt the two youngest ones. And they lived happily ever after.

Owlets (singing): We scouted for a home, we scouted for a home, we scouted for a home, we scouted for a home, we scouted....for...a...home!

Owlet #3: We scouted!

The End

Good Rats

Written by Richie C. and his older sister Melissa

Cast of characters

Richie C. Barker
Richie L. (Puppeteers) Sammy, FuzzBall
Glenn N. (Chunky)
Christian R. (cheese mister)
2 rats, 1 person, 1 dog & cat

Cheese Mister: Hello, welcome to the Rat House.

Chunky: The place were rats want to be.

Fuzz Ball: Meow, smells like lunch.

Sammy: Scat Fuzz Ball, scat

Barker: (growl) Yuck, I hate mice, no rats.

Sammy: (looking at rats) Don't go near my mom, she'll freak.

Cheese Mister: Let's go scare that woman he was talking about!

Chunky: Let's go raid the fridge while we're at it.

Fuzz Ball: (purr) Now all I need is bread and lettuce.

Barker: You better scat cat, or I'll bite your tail off.

Cheese Mister: Hey, I found Chunky in the cheese.

Sammy: Hey, get out of that cheese, you're contaminating it.

Chunky: Rats, he caught us!

Barker:(barking) Get away from the cheese!

Fuzz Ball: (rats start running) Get back here, you haven't stayed for lunch.

Cheese Mister: (looking at the trap) Chunky, look out!

Chunky: Why would anyone want to capture us? We're the Good Rats. Fuzz Ball: Ohh, I hate those, those, those things.

Barker: Bet rats taste good dipped in chocolate and powdered with sugar.

Fuzz Ball: Stop tempting me dog.

Cheese Mister: Now let's go scare that woman.

Chunky: Yeah, let's go!

Fuzz Ball: Not so fast, I've got bread and lettuce and I'm not wasting it!

Sammy: (Rats start running) Go get'em Fuzzy

Barker: Why don't I get to have any fun around here? (growl)

Fuzz Ball: Here lunchy, lunchy, lunchy.

Chunky: Hut two...

Cheese Mister: Enough already.

Chunky: Look out for cat!

(cat crashes into wall)

Chunky: The Good Rats win again!

Altogether: That's rats folks!

Bengal Tiger

By Kaitlin, Kristina, and Brittany

We were amazed by the length of the tiger. It is up to 6 feet. At six months old cubs are able to make their first kill. They can have 1 to 5 young a year. Their homes are in India and Southeast Asia. The poor tigers were hunted, captured, and poisoned. Their habitats are grasslands, forest, and swamps. They eat deer, antelope, pigs, buffalo, and cattle. If they are sick or wounded they will attack humans.


By Alyssa, Dana, and Kaitlin

Dophins are the most intelligent creatures of the sea. Dolphins are mammals just like us. Dolphins echolocate their prey. There are more dolphins then porpoises. Dolphins are one of the smallest whales in the ocean. Dolphins can eat one third of their weight. They can be grey, blue, black and white. Dolphins make little squeaks to communicate. They live in every ocean. The upper fin is called a dorsal fin. That's our report.


By Alexis, Brianna, and Christina

Dolphins eat squid and fish. Dolphins have from 200-250 sharp teeth. A dolphin's baby is called a calf. Dolphins live in every ocean of the world. People get confused with dolphins and porpoises. There are more dolphins then porpoises. They are capable to learn a lot.