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We have received many comments from our visitors.   Please feel free to read the guestbook, and be sure to leave your own comments.
Thank you!  :-)

David Silverman

Jan 24, 1998 19:22

Dear Class,

I love visiting your website. You certainly are a wonderful group of poets, writers, and artists. Keep up the good work.

Mr. Silverman


Jan 31, 1998 16:27

Hi from another 2nd grader

Jacqueline Nicole Overholt

Feb 1, 1998 13:30

I Liked Your Bat Page It Was Neat I Live In Freeport Ohio And My Name Is Jacqueline Nicole Overholt And I'm In Second Grade Like You GOOD BYE PS........ WRITE BACK SOON.

Rachel Silverman

Feb 2, 1998 11:40

Second Graders, I always have so much fun when I visit your web site. I can tell you are a bunch of creative, intelligent, cool kids. Whenever I get tired at work, I take a break to read your writing and check out your art projects. You seem to be learning a lot and having fun at the same time. Thanks for sharing your work online. This way I can feel as though I'm part of the action even though I'm in an office not a classroom. Hope to visit you sometime in person rather than on the Internet. Rachel Silverman (Mrs. Silverman's daughter)

Melissa Meadors

Feb 4, 1998 10:49

Wow! What a great page!! I must say, yours is one of the best that I have seen... such a nice looking class too!! :o)~ Keep up the good work!!

Jamie Wong , Haylee Puckey and Anna Bradley

Feb 18, 1998 21:54

Hi! We are pupils from a year six class in New Zealand.We are going to create our own school web page. We would like to know how long it took to create your web site as we think it has been very well designed.

Barry Shields

Feb 26, 1998 18:54

Our family will be relocating to the 3 Village, Port Jefferson or Mt. Sinai area this summer. Any information you may have regarding the quality of the schools would be appreciated. Great Website!!!! Thanks, Barry Shields

Kaitlyn Emily Franczek

Feb 28, 1998 19:49


Hi! My name is Kaitlyn and this is my first visit to your web page. I really like it!

Judy Strreet

Mar 5, 1998 01:05

I had fun looking around your sight. I will be taking a course offered through our school district next week on creating a webpage. I am a grade one teacher and look forward to trying some projects using the internet in the near furture.


Mar 9, 1998 23:10

Hi, I am in second grade in Seattle Washington at BF Day Elementary. My Mom and I need a search on second grade and found your site. I like it

Mrs. Ruth Mika

Mar 11, 1998 10:09

Dear class, As a first time web browser, I am delighted to find your site. I am a multi-grade teacher at Barbers Hill Primary School in Mont Belvieu, Texas. We are about 20 miles from Houston. My class will be so excited to read your site and see what other children are doing . Keep up the wonderfully exciting work and I will check your site often.

Deanna's Grandfather

Mar 20, 1998 21:00

I am very proud of Deanna and her classmates.

Heidi and Steve Bencze

Mar 20, 1998 22:40

Since we live in Florida this website gives us the opportunity to see what our grandchildren are doing in school. Great artwork and original thinking. Thank you for sharing.

Tracy Jordan

Mar 25, 1998 22:09

Mrs. Silverman, I really enjoyed visiting your web page. I think it is a neat thing that you are teaching children about the internet at such a young age, it really is important that they learn how to use the net. I was visiting your site for a class project. I am an Elementary Education major attending Houghton College. I have a class this semester called Multimedia and Distance Learing. For this class we are required to participate in a distance learning project. I was wondering if there was someway that I could get involved with your class and help out. Please let me know, I would be happy to work with you. Thanks, Tracy Jordan

Ellen Dioguardi

Mar 27, 1998 17:21

Very nice web page. Found you through the New York State School Boards Association site. I wish our school in Sag Harbor had a web page. Since I'm on the school board there I'm going to encourage them to look at yours and plan their own! I grew up in Stony Brook and Sag Harbor has always reminded me a little of Port Jeff - Good work and Rock on!

Chardelle Micek

Mar 31, 1998 22:26

I wish!

I admire your work! You should be proud of all of your effort. Thanks for sharing!

robert lavin

Apr 3, 1998 20:21


Hello! My name is Robert Lavin and I am Megan and Katlyn Lavins father. I am a microchip designer and work for Cyrix Corp. Im leaving here to work for Texas Instruments in a week. I travel alot to do my job and I miss my family very much. Just thought I'd say hello and I enjoyed the poetry very much! Bye!

Yvonne Jurtik

Apr 3, 1998 21:53

Dear Class, Great website! I enjoyed exploring it! Keep up the good work!

Catherine Lee

Apr 4, 1998 14:12

Dear Mrs. Silverman, I came across this web site by mistake and couldn't believe how wonderful it is. I've never seen aything like it ! What a great and caring project for the kids. Then I realized that I know 2 little girls at you school. Lizzie and Katlin Huber. My neice is their step sister Korinn Huber. If you see them, tell them that "Aunt" Cathy and Casey said "Hello" from Long Beach. Keep up the good work, Cathy Lee

Rachel Karchmer

Apr 4, 1998 16:47

Dear Mrs. Silverman, I have enjoyed viewing your web page. There are many exciting things going on in your classroom. Keep up the super work! Rachel Karchmer Syracuse University

Judy Gasper

Apr 8, 1998 09:19

Your web site is fantastic! My niece and nephew loved learning about bats! The music was great! Keep up the good work!

Euan McGilp

Apr 12, 1998 12:44

Hi, just thought I'd let you know how much I enjoyed your web page. Over here in England we're just setting up a County - wide initiative to get all 600 of our schools in Kent on the net by the end of this year. Hopefully you'll be hearing from some of the children in my school. Talk to you again. Euan McGilp (Principal, Westcourt County Primary School)


Apr 18, 1998 22:52

Hi. I enjoyed your page very much. I liked your kids' self portraits and introductions the best. Your links are cool too. I will check back to see if I can join one of your web projects. My class will not have internet through out the school until June 1999 (eyeroll...last school on the list) but maybe we can do something with my home computer and the computer in the library. Thanks again. I enjoyed the visit.

Anna turner AngelJ teachers net

Apr 19, 1998 00:47

Wow this is great!!! i love the site!! thanks for visiting mine!! I will add this to my site!!

Robin Gibson

Apr 20, 1998 06:07

Mrs. Silverman's Second Grade

Delightful...the class pages kept me tickled. Best of luck in your future projects.

Krister Gustavsson

Apr 21, 1998 02:29

Hi! Your webpages are splendid! I work i a simailar swedish school. Keep up the good work! :-) Krister

Mr. Richard Schaublin

Apr 27, 1998 09:18

The Web page of the class is great! I work with second graders who are disabled. Some use wheel chairs and others learn how to add with computers. Learn today and shape tomorrow.

Mr. Phil Cutrone

Apr 28, 1998 11:04

I am at a technolgy conference in NYC. Someone shared your online address and I was so impressed by your website and all of your wonderful work. I teach third grade in Thornwood, New York in Westchester County. I hope to do something this exciting with my class next year. Good work boys and girls- you should be very proud! Good work to you too Mrs. Silverman!!

Anne Glasby

May 9, 1998 09:44

Dear Mrs. Silverman: I thoroughly enjoyed viewing your web pages and the various projects that you organized. I am the librarian/computer instructor at Attica Elementary in Attica, Michigan. I would love to have one of our 2nd grade classes participate in a future project that you might be having in the 98-99 school year. Your creativity is inspiring! Thank you! Anne Glasby

Mrs Anna James

May 13, 1998 16:14

I am a Swedish teacher teaching 7-11 years old children in a suburb north of Stockholm. I came by your website by "accident" looking for something else. It�s the best website I have seen. You have inspired me to try to make my own. I like the projects you have done. You have really talented children in your class. Yours sincerely Anna James

Alis Senver

May 30, 1998 08:57

Dear Mrs.Silverman and class, Hi how are you doing?We are coming to visit you in June around the 22. Love Alis Senver

Lori smith

May 31, 1998 11:10

Dear Mrs. Silverman and Class, This was my first visit to your site, and I just had to tell you what a great job you have done on it! I am a Pre-Kindergarten teacher in Florida, and I hope we will be able to create a site as nice as yours (when we get access to the Internet). I am very proud to have my site listed on your "Credits" page! Lori Smith

daycare centre of pupuhuhta jyv�skyl� finland

Jun 9, 1998 06:59

coming soon

hello,it was very nice to visit your pages. we have just started to do ours but it seems to a challenge! write us back soon!

Anita Perry

Jun 9, 1998 08:00

Dear Class, What a wonderful web page! Each and every one of you had some greast things to contribute. I especiually liked your reports and pictures. I hope that you all have a wonderful summer and that next year I get to see your Third Grade Page. Your Friend, Mrs. Perry Northwest School Leominster, MA

Nitsa L Swain

Jun 12, 1998 00:54

Great Web Page. Thank you for all the information. I use to live in Port Jefferson. I went to Comsewouge H.S. Thank You once again. NSwain

Diane Beasley

Jun 21, 1998 23:07

I love your web site. I am learning how to make one and hope to have my second graders make one this school year. I think you all are very smart to be able to create such a lovely web site. Congratulations!!!

Tammy Farmer

Jun 22, 1998 15:41

Great job on your WEB page! I also teach 2nd grade in Oklahoma near the Arkansas border. Next year our school theme will be about castles and dragons.

George Cassutto

Jun 29, 1998 00:48

Just your Classroom Connect Conference colleague saying hello! Have a great summer! George Cassutto Teacher of Social Studies North Hagerstown High School (MD) (Main Page) (Personal page)