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Mrs. Zagarello's Kindergarten Children
assisted by Mr. Vitale's Fifth Grade Students

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for the world

I want to keep the water clean.  Everyone stops at red light.

for my family

I want my mom to have a baby sister.  I want my brother to be nicer.

for me

I want to be a nice person.  I want to have a dog and a cat.

for the world

There would be no killing.
Everybody would be kind to each other.

for my family

I want my baby brother to share toys.

for me

I want a new pet.
I want my brother to be nice to me.

for the world

To stop cutting down trees
To stop at red lights

for my family

My family to have a clean house
My brother to stop picking on me

for me

To be nice to my mom
To be nice to my dad

for the world

A better world for all the people  To have the world clean

for my family

  I will keep them healthy
To take care of our dogs

for me

To have a baby puppy
To play with my older and younger sisters.

Mrs. Schumacher's First Grade Class

My dream for peace is peace around the world.

My dream for peace is love each other.

My dream for peace is no more fighting

My dream for peace is people getting along.

My dream for peace is people to be friends.

My dream for peace is care for everyone.

My dream for peace is peace with harmony.

My dream for peace is be helpful.

My dream for peace is people get to be friends.

My dream for peace is be nice to each other.

Mrs. Sullivan's Second Grade Class

My dream for peace is everyone will be kind to each other no matter what color they are because they are the same as you.  Everyone will play together.  You can make friends with everyone if you want to.  Help somebody if they need help.  It doesn't matter what color you are or if you are tall or short or blonde or have black hair.  Just be kind to everyone.
Matthew C.
My dream for peace is to stop making guns and to stop wars.  People should start sharing.  The laws should be fair for everyone.
Richard G.
My dream is that people will stop fighting with one another.  No more wars so that nobody will get hurt.  No feelings will be hurt.  No one will die.

Sharing caring helping
Being nice to friends

nice helpful
sharing playing giving
being nice to people

No  matter
Who it is,
Everyone will respect
One another!

Miss Florin's Second Grade Class

People free all the time!
Everyone shares all the time
A nice world
Caring for everyone
Equal rights for all.


Peace for all
Education schools for everyone
And justice for all
Children are happy where they are
Equal rights for everyone


People free everywhere
Everyone cares
Artin Luther King gave peace to all
Children sharing with each other
Everyone with joy


People to be equal
Education is good
Artin Luther King was nice and helpful
Citizens love the U.S.A.
Everyone has the right to vote.


People should share bathrooms and water fountains
Elp people
Ake people happy
Caring for sick people
Everyone should be nice to each other


People free, no fights
Freedom for all
Artin didn't believe in fighting
Ce for all
Equal rights for all


Mrs. Joline's Fourth Grade Class

I have a dream
A dream for peace
A dream that I think
Will never cease
A dream that will live
A dream that will last
A dream that will defy
The wars in our past

Nathaniel   G.

One night as I was sleeping,
I had an awesome dream,
I didn't see pollution,
Or beggers on the streets.

As I walked around the city,
Everyone was kind,
I accidently bumped someone,
He didn't seem to mind.

I wish the world was peaceful,
No fighting and no war,
Where children would feel safe at night,
And no one would be poor.

Jonathan L.

We need to educate people.  To have peace we must end aggression and violence.  The more we know about someone the less afraid you are.

John B
People shouldn't fight
Every day someone gets shot.
A time of peace is all that we need.
Caring and sharing will plant the seed.
Eventually we all shall see.

Andrew M.

In my dream
the world was peaceful.
All the people
lived together.
Black or white
big or small
doesn't matter
after all.

In my dream
There's no more fighting
There's no more wars
People are not scared

In my dream
there are no drugs
Cigarettes or alcohol
It was a better world without
them all

In my dream
the world was peaceful
All the people
lived together


I wish that everyone
would be nice to each other
That also includes
sisters and brothers.

I wish that everyone
would understand
That you should lend
a helping hand.

Help out people
who are poor
Then you can help
a little more.

If you listen
to what I say
Then you will have
a better day.

You should be kind
to everyone
And that is how
peace will come.

Laura B.

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Scott is in Mrs. Reilly's Third Grade Class