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My Second Grade Memories

In Mrs. Silverman's class this year we learned so much it's hard to remember it all but I'll try. First you came in and empty your backpacks. Then she introduces herself as your new teacher Mrs. Silverman. After that she will tell you her rules and what computers have the Internet and the ones that don't. She will then explain what you do on the Internet. Then she will ask the kids that have the Internet at home to raise their hands. The kids that have it at home and know how to use it can e-mail their homework to her. You will then start studying apples. You will write poems and stories about apples all week and the next week you will learn about bears. And you will learn about other things during the year like sharks.
Sharks may look scary but they have no reason to bother you. You are not on their menu! Sharks have a bad reputation. Some sharks are endangered.
When we learned about chocolate my mom came in and brought kisses, nuts, whip cream, and more! Mrs. Silverman read a book on chocolate.
When we learned about watermelon we did watermelon math. It was yummy! There is much more but I got to go. Bye!


Diplodocus was very big
It loved to munch on leaves
Plodded along to a tree
Looked for enemies
Over there I see a T-Rex
Diplodocus, run, run, run
Oh no he's catching up
Caught him but Diplodocus got away
Up ahead there was a tree for him to rest
So Diplodocus lived happily ever after

My Own Greek Myth


Once in Greece there was a myth of Chimera, it went like this. A long time ago there was a woman. All the village loved her for she had saved them from Chimera. Who was Chimera? He was a lion, snake and goat. He attacked the village and that woman saved them. Do you know what she did? She took a knife and stabbed him and he fell over and lot of houses got crushed and a lot of graves were put up on that day. That is the story of Chimera.


I am going to tell you some wonderful facts about Mexico. A long time ago there were a group of people called the Olmecs. Then came the Mayans. They built beautiful cities then packed up and left. Nobody knows why. After came the Aztecs who had gold. In 1519 the Spanish soldiers attacked many people. The people that survived married the Spanish and there became a mixture of Spanish and Indian.

When the Spanish came they brought their culture. Before the Spanish came there was no Christianity. Now in Mexico there are Mexican people. Some Indian children are poor. People have to make their own clothing and the children go to fancy hotels to see if people will buy their crafts. It does not always work, but it is a way to make money. Now when you go to Mexico you will see old and new stuff. And that is all about Mexico.

Sometimes I Feel Like a Wolf

Sometimes I feel like an alpha wolf because my brothers treat me like a grown up. My parents treat me like one too. They let me watch the baby and put me in charge. Sometimes I feel like a beta wolf because I am the middle aged child in my family. Also when I am always second in command to do stuff that is pretty cool! Sometimes I feel like an omega because I am sometimes picked on. Also when I am not allowed to do anything, which is boring. When I am not allowed to do anything I feel like I was just born in a den.

Drenched and Dry

Today in class we did a science experiment. we used crayons and water. First we colored the penguin and left the cat alone. Then we sprinkled water over them. The penguin stayed dry and the poor cat got soaked! We learned that penguins put their beaks at the end of their tail and wax comes out. Then they spread it around their bodies. So when they go for a swim they stay dry!


have babies
babies hatch from eggs
eat seeds
build nests
But the most important thing about birds is...
They are interesting creatures to learn about.

An Interview With Deborah Sampson

Interviewer: Did it hurt when you got shot?
Deborah: Yes it hurt a lot.
Interviewer: Was it yucky when your feet were bloody?
Deborah: Yes, it was.
Interviewer: Was it hard to fight?
Deborah: Yes, it was.
Interviewer: Was it hard working in the field?
Deborah: Yes, it was.
Interviewer: Was it hard to keep a secret?
Deborah: Yes, it was.

The Underground Railroad

If Harriet Tubman asked me if I wanted to go with her I would say "Yes." So we went to the woods. We did not know the sun was setting and we heard noises in the bushes. When I opened my eyes I was laying down and I saw people ready to chop my feet off! When the pegs were on my feet Harriet Tubman asked if I was willing to try again and I said "Yes." So we set off on our adventure but this time we got to Canada.

The Magic Shark

Once a shark was bored. A magic shark found him and put a spell on him and he became a human. The human shark walked out of the water and was never seen again until one day he was fishing for sharks and caught the magic shark who turned the human shark back into a real shark.

The Girl Who Loved Horses

I would like to live with the wild horses because I love to brush their mane and ride them. I love to hear the sounds of their hooves running in the pasture and listen to them brey.

I am thankful for my mom because she works to get money. I am thankful for my dad because he builds houses for me to live in. I am thankful for mother nature because she gives me things to learn about like Killer Whales. I am thankful for my clothes because when I put them on I am not cold. I am thankful for water because I would not be alive without water.

Science Experiment

Interaction Unit

First you get bromthymol blue and you pour vinager into the bromthymol blue and you'll get green water. Then you pour baking soda and you get clear water.

Bat's Echolocation

Once upon a time in a land far away there lived a bat named Location. It was a Fruit Bat. Crow thought he was blind. He tried to explain to crow that he could see better then people but crow did not believe him. He wanted crow to believe him so he said we will have a test on Sunday. Ok said crow. The test was who can catch a bug with their eyes closed. Bat used his echolocation to find the bugs. Crow kept hitting everything. So bat won the test.

Watermelon Math

Today math was yummy. What we did was we ate watermelon. Then we counted the seeds. Then we asked each other how many seeds they had. After we graphed the seeds.

click here for graph


Hi, my name is Kaitlin. I turn 7 August 2nd. I have a new pet, it's name is Petrie and it is a baby Cockatiel. My favorite movie is MaryKate and Ashley, Hawaiian Beach Party.