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My Second Grade Memories

I remember when I walked into the second grade doors. I was so scared but I got used to it. I remember when we were learning about chocolate. We watched "Willy Wonka" and Kaitlin's mom came in and made pudding. I even learned to send e-mail and work computers. The first thing I got on my site was an apple poem. Now I have more things. I remember we learned about wolves. We saw a movie "Never Cry Wolf." We learned about watermelons. We did watermelon math, yum! Then we learned about China and we had Chinese food in our classroom. We learned about bats and made our own site called "Stellaluna's Friends." We learned a lot more things but I can't remember them all but that's all I can. Bye

My Life in the 1800's

What I liked about living in the 1800's was that the teachers were strict so we can learn more. there were so many horses and other animals. And the kids got two or sometimes three hours of playtime on Saturday.
What I don't like about living in the 1800's is that the kids had to do a lot of work and on Sunday they could not play.

My Greek Myth

Once there were three people that were so fussy about the way they looked. So one day they all went for a walk and met in the path. They talked for a minute and they all went to Zeus the king of the gods. They asked him to make them beautiful. Zeus, who was very smart said, "OK." He turned them into part goat, snake, and part lion. To this day they still complain.


Let me tell you about Mexico. Long ago there were three groups of people in Mexico, the Olmecs, the Mayans, and the Aztecs. The Aztecs had a lot of gold. Then Spain came and tried to take over Mexico. The Aztecs refused to let them so they had a fight. The Aztecs won and the Spanish left. But they came back. That's why today there are mixtures of Indian and Spanish people in Mexico.

In Mexico the most popular sport is soccer and from Spain bullfighting. Mexican people eat corn and tortillas, but mostly tortillas. And that's all about Mexico.

Sometimes I Feel Like a Wolf

Sometimes I feel like an alpha because my sister looks up to me. And I feel proud of that. At times I feel like a beta. My parents are the alphas, my sister is the omega, and I'm in the middle. This is just like the beta. At times I feel like an omega. And so is my sister in many ways. We both are because we both pick on each other.

Drenched and Dry

Today in class we did a science experiment. We colored a penguin with crayons. There was a cat on the page. We didn't color it. Then we sprinkled some water on them. The cat got drenched and the penguin didn't. What we learned was that the penguin's wax kept it dry. It gets the wax from the end of it's tail. I had fun.


Once there was an owl named Feathers. She loved to fly about the forest until one day she saw these big, big, things! She went to her mother. Mother! Mother! There are these big things in the woods and they are chopping down trees! Can I tell them to go away? Yes, said her mother. And that's just what she did.

If I Lived in the 1770's

If I lived in the 1770's I would have been a patriot because I don't think taxes are fair. I would stop drinking tea. And if I owned a store I would stop selling tea. Why can't England make their own money? And anyway, I hope that someday I would be free. I hope we win the war.

When the Snow Child Left

When the snow child left she wanted to play with someone so she made a snow puppy. The snow puppy wanted to play ball so the snow child made a snowball. Then they got tried so they went to sleep. The next day they went to a very snowy place where they built a snow castle. Then the snow child and the snow puppy were hungry so they made some snow cakes and snow pies. After they ate they went to see Santa and the elves. They got so many presents and they laughed until they fell to the floor. Then the spring came and she came back to the old man and the old woman.

How the Cookie Cutter Shark Got It's Name

Once there was a shark that was very sad because he did not have a job. then one day he got a job. The job was to bake cookies. The shark was very good at baking cookies, until he lost his recipe. Then the shark whipped up a new one. Then all the fishes came and he had a cookie party and that's how the Cookie Cutter shark got it's name.

The Girl Who Loved Horses

I would like to live with wild horses because they are really soft and shiny. Horses are beautiful. Horses' manes are beautiful. I like to go really fast on horses. I love the sound of horses' hooves.

Star Maiden

I am a Star Maiden. I came to earth as a shooting star. I would like to be a soft and gentle deer. Deer are fast runners. They have big dark eyes. They are one of nature's most beautiful creatures.

I am thankful for my sister who is always there for me. I am thankful for my mom because she helps me with my homework. I am thankful for my dad because he makes money to keep our house. I am thankful for my friends because they are always there for me. I am thankful for the sun that lights up my day. I am thankful for my eyes to see. I am thankful for the water to drink. I am thankful for everything.

Dear Baby Bats,
I am sorry for putting you on the endangered list. I love baby bats so much. I will join the bat clubs to save you. Please forgive us.

The Llama's Secret

There was a llama. The llama did not eat the grass. The man was worried about the llama. Then the llama said to the man there is going to be a flood. So they went to the mountain to be safe.


Apples are good to eat
Apples are very sweet
They have a taste that
Can't be beat!

Watermelon Math

Today we did watermelon math. It was fun. First we ate watermelon. Then we counted the seeds. Then we did a histogram. I had fun today.

click here for graph


Hi, my name is Kristina. I live with my mom, dad, and my three year old sister. I like reading American Girl books, I like going to the beach, I love puppies and kittens (I often play with my aunt's new kittens) and I like working in my grandfather's garden. My favorite part of the summer so far, was my family reunion picnic. I liked Hercules and I am going to see George of the Jungle soon.