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My Second Grade Memories

At the time I came to school I was always happy. I have fun every day. My favorite part of the year was when we learned about sharks. I loved the year and will miss my teacher!

Werewolves Don't Go To Summer Camp

By Debby Dadey and Marcia Thorton Jones

My report is on the book "Wearwolves Don't Go To Summer Camp." I liked the part when all the hair fell out. This book was great and funny. I liked some of the characters. The book was about four friends trying to see if Mr. Jenkins was a werewolf.


Mexico is a cool country. In Mexico they eat tortillas, beans, tacos, and corn. A fiesta is a party. They wear masks and costumes and break piñatas. They play soccer and watch bullfights. Some animals in Mexico are, grey whales, bobcats, and chihuahuas.

Drenched and Dry

Today in class we did a science experiment. We had fun. We colored a penguin. We sprinkled water on it and on a cat. Penguins don't get soaked because they have wax. Cats don't like water. Cats hate to get wet.


Foxy Loxy smokes. He has a nice car. The killer lives in caves. He smells like smoke. He looks hot. He has black cool hair.

If I Lived in the 1770's

If I lived in the 1770's I would have been a patriot because I would want my country to be free and have rights. I love my country and want my people to be happy.

People are afraid of me.
Jaws was a movie about me.
Who am I?

Guess and Click


A cub is sitting on a rug
A cub is drinking out of a mug.


I love my family because they are nice. I have 2 cats at my dad's. I love sports. I have a lot of favorite movies.