Lauren's Home Page

My Second Grade Memories

I remember the good times when we learned about watermelon. We all got to eat it. When we learned about Greece we learned how to count, do the pledge, and a little dance. We had a lot of fun. When we learned about China we had Chinese food in class. We also got to see "Big Bird in China." We learned about birds. I love to pretend that I'm a bird. I really loved sharks because I used to think they were bad but when we did our unit I learned that they are really good. I remember when we were learning about Africa. We got to see a movie called "Born Free." I think I liked that one the best. I also remember when we learned about chocolate. We saw a movie called "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory." We got to make our own ice cream Sundays. It was a lot of fun.
I really like how I could e-mail Mrs. Silverman at her house. I liked the unit about penguins. I think that penguins are really funny. I liked the unit about the human body. It was kind of weird. I liked when we learned about wolves. I loved how people used to make mistakes about wolves. I want to help them. I like our own home page. I like our web sites. I really liked Kid Pix and The Amazing Writing Machine. I thought second grade was fun. I liked when we got to go to the sharing event with the Long Island Team. It was really fun. That's all I have to say.

My Life in the 1800's

On my weekends I do chores. On the Sabbath I cannot smile. I cannot laugh. I am not allowed to fidget. Most of the time I'm working and practicing my catechism. I do not like it this way because I like to fidget but not to get hit or like to work. I think the world is nicer this way because we are allowed to fidget and sometimes we do not have to work. My teachers are also much nicer then they were at the old times. Also our parents are much nicer then they were in those times. We should all be thankful for what happened over the years.

A Report About Mexico

Let me tell you a little report about Mexico. A long time ago in Mexico there was a tribe of people named the Olmecs who lived over 4,000 years ago. After the Olmecs came the Mayans. They vanished. Then came the Aztecs. The Aztecs had a lot of gold and jewels. They also made beautiful buildings. Today in Mexico the parents are loving to their kids. Also, some people are poor. Some people are rich. The most popular food in Mexico is corn. Tortillas are also a very popular food in Mexico. In Mexico they play a lot of sports. The most popular sport in Mexico is soccer. So, how did you like my report?

I Am Like a Wolf

I am like a wolf
Calling my mom
Sometimes very scared
Getting babysat
Getting cared for
Being loved


Have feathers
Build nests
Babies hatch from eggs
Eat bugs
But the most important thing about birds is they come with no harm.

What does it look like?
A hammerhead shark is distinguished by it's hammershaped head. It's color is gray and it can make turns more easily then other sharks because of it's head.

Where does it live?
It roams warm and temperate seas.

What does it eat?
A hammerhead shark eats sting rays, bony fish, and invertebrates.

Other interesting facts about this shark:
This is an aggresive shark and has a reputation for unprovoked attacks on humans although it is very rare.

The Day I Met A Shark

Once upon a time I saw a shark. The shark said "Hi" and I said "Hi" to him. Then he swam away looking for food but was not interested in me. I saw the shark when me and my friends were scuba diving. All of a sudden a whale shark came up to me and saw my bubbles coming. In a second he was gone.

I am thankful for the trees because there would not be any tree animals without them. I would not have a home to live in. And I am thankful for my cat because she gets all the bugs out of my house. I am thankful for my friends because I would have nobody to play with. I am thankful for my teacher because she teaches our class. I am thankful for my eyes so I can see. I am thankful for my ears so I can listen to music.

Dear Cinderella,
I heard that you are afraid of spiders, because one crawled up your back. It was also tickling your foot. You should not be afraid of spiders because they are nice.
Lauren A.

Dear Baby Bats,
I am sorry for putting you on the endangered species list. I did not know that I was hurting you. I promise that I will make it up to you. Please forgive me. I will get an education about you.

Watermelon Math

Today we ate watermelon. It was juicy, yummy, and tasty. I loved it. It was the best. First we ate the watermelon. Second we counted the seeds. Third we asked each child how many seeds the watermelon had. Fourth we marked it on a graph.

click here for graph


I live at home with my mommy, daddy, little sister Victoria, my dog Ernie, my cat Thursday and my parakeets Buttercup and Penelope. I have many pets because I love animals. I go to dance school, gymnastics and Brownies. When I am home, I like to play with my friends. I also love to read with my mommy and daddy. I also love to listen to music. I really like Gloria Estefan. I hope we have fun and learn a lot in our class.