Spring Is Here!

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Mrs. Schumacher's First Grade Class
Spring is here.  In Spring you can eat outside.  In Spring you can plant flowers.  I like Spring.

by Alex

Spring is here.  Picnics are fun.  I like to read outside.  I like warm weather.

by Morgan B.

Spring is here.  I like spring.  I get to swim in the pool.  I pick flowers.  I go to Splish Splash.  We have warm weather and I have fun.

by Casey

I like spring because you   get to pick flowers.  You get to roll on the hill, and we can read outside on a tree.

by Alysondra

I like spring.  I can ride my quad with my dad.  My dad is nice.  Spring is fun.

by Kyle

Spring is here.  I like to go on picnics and I like to plant flowers and I like to go to the park.
by Jamie

Mrs. Long's First Grade Class

Spring is Here

Flowers coming up from
The ground to bloom.
Grass grows into green grass.
Bears stop hibernating in spring.

by Scott R.

Spring is Here

Spring is here! Flowers grow!
I wear a cotton jacket wherever I go!
But sometimes I pick the flowers
But my mom says no!
But she doesn't know that I'm picking them for her!

by Katelyn R.

Spring is Here

Spring is bees flying
Around the flowers.
More sunny days come
And butterfly kisses.

by Daniel W.

Spring is Here

I like spring.
Because it brings beautiful flowers.
And it brings birds
To chirp in the spring.

by Kenda G.


Spring is Here

Spring is here,
The flowers grow.
I wear a cotton coat
wherever I go.
The birds sing.
Spring is coming soon.
And I like spring.
I like it all!

by Amanda M.



Spring is Here

Spring is here!
Spring is here!
Spring is here!
On sunny days we play going in the pool.
We go swimming.
We do not have to wear hot clothes.
I like spring.
But spring is better than fall.
In spring flowers are so beautiful!
I will take a flower from the garden.

by Mohammed A.

Mrs. Cobb's Second Grade Class


I am a daffodil,
I get to sprout in the spring
Everyone says I'm beautiful
People hate weeds,
I'm glad I'm not a weed
I'm proud of who I am.

by Megan L.


When spring comes baby birds are chirping,
flowers are blooming,
love is in the air,
children get to play,
More bees are buzzing.

by Justin S.

Spring Is

I am a purple daffodil, I love the fresh air smell of spring and birds chirping, I do not like my short life.

by Lauren


I like the fresh spring air,
babies are born,
you can eat icepops and grow a garden
Watch the flowers bloom.

by Victoria

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Illustrated by Justin S.

Miss Florin's Second Grade Class

Spring flowers
APril rainshowers
chocolate Rabbits
birds sInging
bunNies jumping
Getting flowers

by Cassandra

EaSter is coming
SPring is here
Baskets Rocking
Is spring here?
CaN you hunt?
Growing rabbits

by Steven

Eating chocolate.
Lots of rAbbits.
Spring flowers.
Treasure hunts.
Eager to find a basket.
Ready to go on vacation.

by James L.

Easter is here.
HAppy Easter.
You eat lotS of eggs.
EasTer basket.
HavE fun.
Easter Rabbit.

by Brian L.

Mrs. McAllister's Fourth Grade Class

Spring is Here
Spring is Here
Time to get out the baseball gloves and bats
Time to get out the hockey sticks and net
Time to get out the tennis balls and rackets
Time to warm up my arm for some sports.

by Kevin M.

Spring is here I'm so glad
Can't wait for the leaves to appear
Pools to open and flowers to bloom.

by Amanda A.

Sunny days sweaping the clouds away
on my way to where the air is clean
can you tell me how to get to SunnyVille
how to get to SunnyVille!!!

by Ashey K.

Flowers are blooming.
Snakes and bears are waking up.
Now we know spring is here.

Things are getting hotter, the chills go away.
Birds are coming back.
Now we know spring is here.

Leaves start to poke out.
Kids start to wear T-shirts
Now we know spring is here.

Bees are out making honey.
The winter season is over.
Now we know spring is here.

by Logan C.

Spring is here and kids are playing outside.
It is sunny and hot but spring is here.
Spring comes and goes, but for now, please stay.
My mom will buy apples and pears.
Birds will sing, rabbits will hop and bees will buzz.
Spring is here!!

by Monica P.

Spring is here,
oh dear, oh dear.
We get to play in leaves I hear!!
What's the matter?  Don't like Spring?
By why?  It's so much fun, fun, fun!
You get to see the sun shine so bright
and all the stars show late at night.
So just be happy, Spring's finally here!

by Kaitlin R.

It's getting hotter!!!
No season can beat it!!
Good, let's go to the pool
It's no doubt this is the best season
Hot, Hot, Hot
Extra, just perfect
Rainbows happen the most!
Excellent season!!

by Glen G.

Spring is Here
Spring is Here
I've been waiting all year
Finally spring is here
I've been waiting for it to come near
Now it's finally, finally, here
Spring is here

by Courtney N.

Spring is here
The birds are flying everywhere,
The air is getting warmer,
The days are getting longer
Spring is finally here!

by Amanda M.

Spring is so nice
You ought to think twice
Before you step on a flower.
My friends and I built a tower,
and on the top it said,
Spring is power.

by Alison D
Mrs. Reilly's Third Grade Class