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My Second Grade Memories

When I first started second grade the first unit we did was apples. Apple was one of our first spelling words. And when we did watermelon we all got a piece of watermelon and we got to see who had the most seeds. When we learned about China my mom brought her stuff from when she went to China. And we got to eat Chinese food too. When we did Greece my mom came with her stuff from Greece.
I liked our unit on spiders. We went to the Internet to find sites on spiders. My friends were Kyle, Glenn, Christian, and Michael. In the class we had 8 computers. Mrs. Silverman gave prizes but that is not why I like her. I like her because she did fun things with us and when she teaches you remember it. I am going to miss her most of all. Well, that's my memories.

My Life In The 1880's

On my first day in school my friend had his "jacket tanned" because he was fidgeting around. The teacher thought I was making noises, so I was punished too. Our teacher was only sixteen years old.
When I got home from school I had to do my chores and I had only two or three hours at most to play. On Sabbath we went to church. I had to sit and have my eyes on the preacher for a whole two hours.
I'm glad that I wasn't alive back then.


Once upon a time in ancient Greece there lived a cyclops. He was mean and ate many people. This was because he could not see well with his one eye. So one day one of the people got an idea. He made the cyclops a special pair of glasses. The cyclops could see better now and only ate animals. This made the people very happy.

The End!

The Talking Owl

Once upon a time there was a boy and his dad was rich. He wanted to destroy the forest to make a mini-mall. Soon it was night and a Great Horned Owl swooped down and started to talk. He said, "You are cutting down trees." "You are destroying my and other owls' homes." Now we will destroy your machines! The next day his machines were broken. Now he gave up the idea to destroy the forest.

Dot the Cat

One day Dot the cat was out in his backyard when he saw a mouse. He chased him around the yard. When the mouse ran out of the yard so did Dot. The cat followed him for a few blocks, but the mouse was too fast for him. The cat looked around and saw he was lost. He felt tired and scared. Then he heard somebody call his name. "Dot, Dot, where are you?" It was Bobby, his master. Dot ran to his master and jumped into his arms. He licked his face. He was very happy because soon he would be home.

A New Ending to Stone Fox

Stone Fox was catching up. Stone Fox was right beside him. Then Searchlight zoomed ahead and jumped over the finish line. Willy got the $500 and bought the farm back.

The Misunderstood Shark

Marc the shark was swimming one day. Then Crabby the crab came and he bit Marc. It hurt a lot. Then to make matters worse some people were trying to kill Marc the shark. So Marc the shark tipped the boat over and the people swam away very very scared. Marc thought those silly people. I would not have hurt them. Why were they trying to hurt me? Sharks are so misunderstood!

Star Maiden

If I was a star maiden and I came down to earth I would try to make a home in the mountains. But I could not stay there because it was too cold. I'd try to make a home in a tree. I seem to like it there.


A brown bear
Over there
Ate my sister's


Hi, my name is Marc. I am 7 years old. I have dark hair and blue eyes. I have an older sister named Lisa. My favorite food is popcorn! This summer I visited the Intrepid Museum. It was cool.