Michael's Home Page

My Second Grade Memories

I remember a lot of things I learned. The best units were watermelons and apples because I love fruit. I loved sharks too. The best subject was birds because I loved birds and I still do! I learned about whales and my most favorite whale is the killer whale! I loved the unit on chocolate because I loved the story "Hot Fudge." I really liked Kid Pix because you got to draw things on it. I loved "Winter Wonderland because it is about winter and I like the snow! Penguins were the best! I liked the Rockhopper Penguin. I like the bat called Vampire Bat. I like the dinosaur called the Tyrranosaurus! I liked the brown bear because I love the color brown.

My Life in the 1800's

If I lived in the 1800's I would fidget a lot. Do you know what that means? I would get tanned. I am glad that I was not born in the 1800's. If I ate cold, yucky breakfast I would spit it out. I don't think that I want to live in the 1800's.

Drenched and Dry

Today in class we did an experiment. First we colored the penguin with crayon only. Then we sprinkled water on the penguin and the cat. The penguin was dry. The cat was soaked. It ripped too! It was fun. Now I know how penguins are dry and cats get soaked.

An Interview With Deborah Sampson

Interviewer: Did it hurt when you got shot?
Deborah: Yes, it did.
Interviewer: Did your foot hurt a lot?
Deborah: Yes, it did.
Interviewer: Did you like being in the war?
Deborah: A little bit
Interviewer: Was it hard to work in the field?
Deborah: Yes, it was.
Interviewer: Were you tired from doing it?
Deborah: Yes

The Magic Kente

One day a firefighter found a kente. When he got home he gave it to his daughter. His daughter said, "Thank you." He said, "You can use it for your doll." The girl put it on her doll. The doll came alive. The girl went running out of the house. And they lived happily ever after.

The Day I Met A Shark

One day I went for a swim. Then I saw a shark. The shark jumped out of the water and said "Hi" and I said "Hi" back and he went away.

I am thankful for the money we have because we buy stuff. I am thankful for my house because my house gives me shelter. I am thankful for my parents because they keep me safe. I am thankful for my computer because my computer is good to play with. I am thankful for my sister because she plays with me. I am thankful for my friend John because I play with him a lot!!!

Dear Kim,
I heard that you are afraid of a funnelweb spider! Spiders don't hurt. They eat insects. Spiders don't harm you.

Sometimes I Feel

Sometimes I feel like a bear
Starved every day
Angry like a monster
Wishing that I can eat.

Watermelon Math

Today we did watermelon math. First we ate the watermelon. Second we counted the seeds. Third we made a graph.

click here for graph


Hi. My name is Michael. My dad's name is John, my mom's name is Celia, and I have a sister named Kimberly. I have two pet fish in an aquarium in my room. I like sports, computers and race cars. I like animal movies. I like going to computer shows to buy new computer games. I go fishing with my dad, and go for rides.