The students in Clinton Avenue Elementary School just love this time of year. Read what they have to say!


Mrs. Neilson's Class

Our Trip to the Witches of Whim

We went on the bus.  Parents were waiting for us there.  We saw a play about witches  The bad witch wanted to blow up the world.  The good witches didn't want to.  The professor built a machine to blow up the world but it chopped up food.  The lost witch told the other witches not to blow up the world.  So they didn't.  The bad witch took a bath and got to be a good witch.



First Grade

Mrs. Long's Class
I like fall because it is fun.
I like fall because I can jump in the leaves.
I like fall because I help my dad rake leaves.
I like to help him because he is nice.

By Moises Sa.

I like fall because I love Halloween. Halloween is soon.
October is my fun month.

By Amanda M.

I like fall.
I like to scrunch in the leaves.
I like to rake leaves and jump in them. I went to the park.
Saturday I went to pick pumpkins.
I went in a haunted house.

By Jenny S.

I like fall because it is fun.
I like fall because I can jump in the leaves.
I like fall because I like Halloween.

By Daniel W.

I like fall.
I like cats because they're funny.
I like Halloween because ghosts go

by Mohammed A.



Second Grade

Mrs. Kleinpeter's Class

I love this time of year.  It is my favorite season of all.  I like to get costumes and pumpkins and carve them into jack-o-lanterns.

By Renee B.

Autumn is fun!  Hurry the leaves are falling!   Halloween is coming! Mums are blooming!  Birds are flying!  Children are going to school!  The weather is getting cool.  Autumn is here.  Summer is gone!

By Christopher S.

Pumpkin picking,
turkeys hiding,
Fall  Fall Fall!
Trick-or-treat, good things to eat
Fall Fall Fall!
Leaves are crunching,
apple munching,
Fall Fall Fall!
Cooler weather,
Pumpkin painting,
Fall is fun.

By Melissa T.

Autum Is Fun!
Autumn is good for trick or treating.  Leaves are falling from the trees.  Hurry hurry get your costumes.  When Autumn comes it's Halloween.  Birds are flying above us.  Autumn is flying by.  We are having so much fun.

By Nikki B.

Autumn Is Fun!
You get to go trick or treating.  You get Halloween every year.  You can jump in the leaves.  You get to go pumpkin picking.  You can make jack-o-lanterns.   Autumn is super.

By Jasmine

Autumn is fun. You can jump in leaves and pick pumpkins.   You can go on hayrides and make jack-o-lanterns.  You can have hot chocolate and scary cookies.  You can go in a haunted house and get scared. 

By Katlyn


Mrs. Cobb's Class

Fall Leaves

Yellow as a sunflower,
red as a rose
brown as a bear
orange as a pumpkin
green as grass,
fun to rake

By Melissa

Yellow as the sun,
red as an apple,
brown as dirt,
orange as a pumpkin,
green as a stem of a flower,
Fun to hear crunching noises when you step on them.

By Megan

Orange as a pumpkin,
red as an apple,
yellow as a lemon,
green as the grass,
brown as a log,
fun to jump in.

By Thomas


red as a rose,
yellow as a banana,
brown as a bear,
orange as a pumpkin,
green as a green apple,
fun to rake

By Gia

yellow as the sun,
red as an apple,
brown as a spider,
orange as a pumpkin,
green as a bush,
fun to jump in the leaves.

By Eric D.

Yellow as a lemon,
red as blood,
brown as a paper bag,
orange as a pumpkin,
green as a lime,
Fun raking them.

By Kim C.

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Yellow as gold
red as a heart,
brown as a tree stump,
Orange as a fruit,
green as grass,
fun to collect

By Justin

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Third Grade

Miss Rubin's Class

Autumn is fun. 
Leaves are a ton.
Summer is done.
My mother has a son.
I love the fun.
Soon it will be done.

By Samantha

Autumn is my favorite season.
I jump and run in a big pile of leaves.  I dress up warm to go outside.  I think autumn is very nice.

By Kristie M.

I like Autumn.  In my backyard, all the leave change colors.  It is so beautiful in Autumn.  I love Autumn.  I have a lot of fun raking the leaves, running through them and jumping in them.  I love Autumn.  In Autumn the weather is just right, it's not too cold and it's not too hot.  I love Autumn.

By Dana

Autumn is fun. 
Leaves fall by the ton.
It gets very cold
A lot of rakes are sold
The library has a lot of books about fall
I get my Autumn clothes at the mall!

By Kathleen L.

Autumn is fun
The leaves change color and fall.  I love to jump in them.  I love Autumn.   It is fun.

By Jennifer P.