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My Second Grade Memories

This was my best year in Clinton. I remember all the cool units like the sharks. The one on Russia was a nice one and so was China. I think my favorite was wolves. But I liked all of them. I will miss being in this class with all the computers. I will miss Mrs. Silverman too. I had a fun time in second grade. But now it is time to move on and go to third grade. I learned a lot in second grade. We did did three sites this year and our own. We learned how many sharks there are. We saw a slide show on sharks. We learned about China. We had Chinese food. We watched "Big Bird in China." We learned about Russia. We heard a lot of books and saw videos. I liked the unit on birds. We read many books about birds and Africa. I brought in some stuff from Africa. I brought in a statue.

Drenched and Dry

Today in class we did a science experiment. We colored and used paper and water. Then we sprinkled water on the animals. We colored the penguin. We did not color the cat. After that we threw the paper out. Then we did a worksheet to go with it. I had a lot of fun with it. We learned that penguins don't get we because they use was.

The Most Important Thing

Have babies
Babies are small
They eat worms
But the most important thing of all...
Birds keep the world clean

The Day I Met A Shark

I went diving with sharks. There were hammerheads, white tips, whale sharks, black tips, nurse sharks, and great white sharks. I saw a weird shark. It was a baby hammerhead. I was scared but it was amazing. I've never seen a baby shark before.

Dear Nannie,
I know that you are afraid of spiders because you saw one and jumped and ran away. You don't need to be afraid of spiders. Most of them are harmless.
Your grandson Richard

Sometimes I Feel

Sometimes I feel like a bear
Happy as can be
Happily playing in the forest.


Hi! My name is Richard. I like to play hockey and soccer. I have spent my summer swimming and playing with my friends. Next week we are going to a beach house in North Carolina.